Is this the best coffee area in a dealership… ever???

Time 10:00 am, February 12, 2015

Come on, admit it… this is seriously cool!

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VW dealership Gerry Cumiskey in Dundalk has turned this Golf into his showroom’s coffee area.

It created quite a stir (coffee.. stir… see what we’ve done there???) when this picture was tweeted.

Car Buyers Guide in Ireland tweeted: ‘Very cool! Please say there’s a front half that has croissants / warm sausage rolls…’

They also suggested adding an old VW camper van as a children’s play area, complete with Xbox, while parents went for a test drive.

Which got us thinking: what’s the best use of a car – or a bit of a car –  that you have seen?

Let us know – email [email protected] or, if you can fit it into 140 characters, tweet @colinchannon and, if we get enough, we’ll collate them online and in Car Dealer magazine.

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