BLOG: New car ordered!

Time 12:40 pm, September 18, 2008

focus1.jpgIt’s done. Ordered, signed sealed and pending delivery. So what did we choose? Well, as the picture might giveaway – the Focus ST won the day.

It’s coming in white (not that I follow fashion or anything), with no stripes (I wasn’t allowed) with leather. It’s the ST3 spec and the fact Ford are quite generous with the standard kit was an added bonus.


The only extras we wanted were Bluetooth (vital) and integrated rear sun blinds (handy). We got a decent price too – not the best around, but one that was satisfyingly less than list all the same.


What was really depressing though was the fact we only got £850 for the Saxo. It’s a VTR with 70k, FSH and in decent nick on a Y plate – I think we got stung a bit here, but then you never know I might sell it for more before the car arrives.


Yes, you read that right, we’ve actually got to wait for Ford to build the ST! Estimated delivery? November! Yes, blooming November. The fact that we wanted quite a unique spec meant there were none available in the country so it had to be a factory order.


To be honest, it actually makes the purchase feel a little bit more special, bespoke even. Like ordering a meal, I don’t mind waiting for something if it’s ‘cooked from fresh’!


So, big question, what was the dealer like? Not bad at all. The salesman was professional, very knowledgeable and seemed quite willing to do a deal.


I’m not going to name who they were – they know who they are – and anyway, I’m reserving judgement until I’ve actually got the car!


Encouragingly, the showroom seemed quite busy while I was there – that might have had something to do with the fact the new Fiesta had just turned up. It’s quite a pretty machine and there’s loads of room inside. I’m looking forward to driving one – but not quite as much as I’m looking forward to driving the ST!


Happy selling…



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