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How Motorway Move has shifted used car dealer Harley Trent into the fast lane

Sponsored post: Motorway chief operating officer James Wilson finds out how its new hassle-free transportation offering is proving a real boon in the car dealer world

Time 7:27 am, April 18, 2024

Earlier this year, we launched Motorway Move – a hassle-free, enhanced transportation offering for Motorway purchases, driven by accurate appraisals, speed and competitive pricing.

It has been designed to significantly improve the post-sale experience for dealers, making the process easier, faster and more consistent.

Motorway Move is powered by two new proprietary technologies built by our in-house team:

Motorway Collect – a vehicle appraisal app that enables more accurate and thorough vehicle appraisals at vehicle collection

Motorway Dispatch – an app that optimises driver planning and routing, enabling faster vehicle deliveries for dealers

I recently spoke with Harley Trent, company director of Poole-based used car dealership Harley Trent, about his experience of using Motorway Move, and this is what he had to say:

‘We’ve been using the Motorway platform now for just over two years. I was recommended it by a friend as I was having problems buying decent stock. Since I’ve been using it, it’s grown my business exponentially.

‘When we purchase a car with Motorway, we know we’ve got the best stock, as we can buy across the whole country with Motorway Move.

‘Motorway Move also gives us more time to spend on prepping the cars for sale, dealing with customers and going about the day-to-day running of the site.

‘I just don’t have time to go and collect the 30 to 40 cars a month that we buy, and Motorway Move makes it possible.’

He added: ‘Motorway Move is an all-inclusive cost and it includes breakdown cover. The technology behind it is fantastic – it’s very quick and very simple to use.

‘You can trust the drivers collecting the stock, you get to know them over time – and you know they will do a good appraisal and you will get exactly what you want to buy.

‘You’re in contact with them 24/7 and they give you a rough time that they’ll be with you, which is great for us in terms of planning and running our site, helping us keep all the wheels turning.

‘It’s hassle-free – you have a log of the report of each car and can always go back to it. If a customer flags something, you can quickly skim-read it, which is great.

‘In short, Motorway Move is not just for bigger businesses, it is really useful for independent dealers like us.’

You can watch the full testimonial from Harley Trent at the top of this article or click here.

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