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Time 8:38 am, August 7, 2012

AUTO Trader has identified the BMW 3 Series as the most searched convertible on in 2012.

With four BMWs, three Audis and one Mercedes-Benz it was only the presence of the Peugeot 206 and Renault Megane that prevented a clean sweep of German convertibles in the top 10 list.

Convertibles historically account for just over six per cent of all cars advertised on Auto Trader however this has dropped to 5.4 per cent in 2012.

Average asking prices have also decreased year-on-year in the past three years, down by 9.3 per cent (£12,784 to £11,599) in June 2011 compared with June 2010 and down by 8.3 per cent (to £10,640) in June this year.

This fall in asking price was due in part to an increase in volume of older stock coming into market and a decrease in newer, higher priced convertibles, says Auto Trader.

Nathan Coe, group director, Auto Trader said: ‘The fall in average asking price for convertibles reflects an overall decrease for all cars noted at the end of June, when it was reported that the average asking price of used cars in Q2 2012 was £8,620, a fall of five per cent when compared with the same period last year.

‘This was due to an increase in the volume of older stock on the market and a decrease in newer, higher priced vehicles. The volume of cars more than three years old is now at 73 per cent and the volume of cars less than three years old is at 27 per cent.’

Top Ten convertible searches on Auto Trader in 2012

1. BMW 3 Series

2. Audi A4

3. Mercedes-Benz CLK

4. Audi TT

5. BMW M3

6. Peugeot 206

7. BMW 1-series

8. Renault Megane

9. BMW 6-series

10. Audi A5


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