You could buy a BMW M3 for price of McLaren 720S carbon options

Time 5:22 pm, March 15, 2017

BUYERS of the new McLaren 720S could buy a BMW M3 and have change to insure it for the price of the carbon-fibre extras on the new British supercar.

While the iconic M3 will set you back a ‘mere’ £57,355, buyers who tick all of the lightweight options on the 720S order sheet will add £58,900 to the car’s £208,600 base price.

On Tuesday (March 15), the British supercar manufacturer unveiled the online configurator for the 720S and potential buyers were immediately able to specify their own unique supercar. The global system currently doesn’t have any prices online, but the Car Dealer managed to secure a price list from a McLaren dealer.

‘If you place an order for a 720S today you’ll be expecting delivery in March 2018,’ explained the dealer. ‘We expect clients to put down £5,000 when they sign, we’ll then let them drive the car in the summer and if they like it – and why wouldn’t they – we’ll ask for a further £20,000 deposit.’

Buyers who opt for the £218,020 McLaren 720S Performance base model and then tick everything on the options list will be asked to cough up a whopping £316,070 – that’s a staggering £98,050 on options, or the equivalent of a new Porsche 911 GTS.

The most popular choices on the 720S order sheet, said the dealer, so far included the £2,070 Vehicle Lift, which stops the nose grounding out on bumps, the £2,220 Gorilla Glass roof, a 360-degree camera system for £2,480 and electric seats at £2,730.

Carbon-fibre extras for the truly decadent buyers include door mirrors (£2,220), front splitter (£5,990), rear bumper (£4,480) and diffuser (£5,990). More conventional extras don’t come cheap either, with a fire extinguisher costing £150, branded mats at £330 and a fitted luggage set for £810. And if you want a strap to secure said luggage that’ll cost you another £510.

The cheapest option on the list is an ashtray for £50 while the most expensive, carbon fibre door mirrors, cost £5,990 – just five pounds less than a new Dacia Sandero!

The McLaren 720S will be launched in the summer.

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