BYD and Ayvens MoUBYD and Ayvens MoU


BYD partners with Ayvens to increase its presence in European fleet market

  • Car leasing firm to distribute BYD vehicles across Europe
  • Partnership set to enhance collaboration through training programs and knowledge-sharing initiatives
  • Operational leasing services initially available in France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg

Time 3:49 pm, July 3, 2024

Chinese EV-maker BYD has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with global leasing giant Ayvens – still known as ALD Automotive LeasePlan in the UK – to support its expansion into Europe.

Despite the EU threatening Chinese electric cars with import tariffs of as much as 35%, BYD states that the partnership with Ayvens, which claims to be a leading global sustainable mobility player, will support the distribution of new energy passenger cars and light commercial vehicles for corporate and retail customers in Europe.

The MoU signing ceremony was held at BYD’s global headquarters in Shenzhen, China, earlier this week and was led by Tim Albertsen, Group CEO of Ayvens and Ms. Stella Li, Executive Vice President of BYD.

According to the two brands, the agreement will see BYD supply New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) to various corporate clients in Europe, with a suite of tailored electric fleet vehicle solutions offered, from advisory services and operational leases, to end-to-end charging solutions.

Tim Albertsen, Group CEO of Ayvens said at the ceremony: ‘With BYD, we share a common commitment to promoting low carbon transportation for a more sustainable world.

‘BYD is clearly at the forefront in new energy vehicle development, and we are pleased to be joining forces with them to expand the availability of electric vehicles in Europe, as well as working together to further innovate around electric vehicles and battery technology.’

In addition to offering operational leasing services, Ayvens said the partnership will also see the pair actively explore more opportunities within retail, further developing white label operational lease cooperations, to nurture the transition to electric mobility within Europe.

‘Innovation and collaboration are key drivers in progressing the global transition to new energy vehicles,’ Wang Chuanfu, Chairman and President of BYD Company, said.

‘Our cooperation with Ayvens reflects our mutual vision to accelerate the development of NEV markets in Europe. Together we offer diverse, accessible and appealing products with pioneering innovation to incentivise the advancement of eco-friendly lease fleets.’

According to Ayvens, which operates in 43 countries and currently boasts some 15,700 employees, it boasts a total fleet that tops 3.4 million vehicles, of which 428,000 are electric.

The company still operates as ALD Automotive LeasePlan in the UK, stating that until the integration of both organisations is complete, the ALD Automotive and LeasePlan brands will continue to exist side by side in the UK. This year, Ayvens – the new brand – will also be launched in the UK.

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