Car auction interest

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car auction interestCAR buyers are being drawn to auctions, says a buyer website.

Over the past month, carandvanauction’s website traffic has grown by almost two-thirds.

Over the same time last year, it’s a further increase of nearly half.

This goes against trends, says marketing manager Richard Lawton. Traffic at this time of year usually falls, due to the notorious Christmas quietness.

‘This… demonstrates the ingenuity of British motorists, who have realised that they can secure a high quality vehicle for a reasonable price through motor auctions,’ said Lawton.

‘More traffic to our website means more people visiting auction houses.’

It also potentially means less people in your showrooms. It proves once again how important value is to buyers.

Smart dealers will enhance this, while also showing off the many advantages they can offer. Inexperienced buyers, daunted by auctions, may seek the reassurance you can offer. It’s crucial you get this across.

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