Car dealers back calls for motor trader licences amid Trading Standards clampdown

  • Car Dealer readers back proposals for licensing system on motor traders
  • Idea was pitched by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute earlier this week
  • Body says used car market is among the most complained about sectors by consumers

Time 7:31 am, March 30, 2024

Car Dealer readers have backed proposals by Trading Standards to introduce a licensing system on motor traders.

We reported earlier this week that the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) is calling for stricter regulations as part of its latest manifesto.

The body, which trains Trading Standards officers around the country, singled out the used car market as being among the most complained about sectors by consumers in the UK.

Although its 28-page document did not give any details on how such a system would be implemented, it would appear to have the backing of car dealers, tired of being tarred by a handful of rogue traders.

In a poll run by Car Dealer, we asked readers whether or not they would be in favour of a licensing system being implemented. Voters were given three options – ‘Yes’, ‘No’ and ‘Open to it but need to know more’.

The poll was live for three days and we can reveal that the majority of respondents said they would be in favour of the change.

Out of the 119 people who voted in the poll, 69 gave the answer ‘Yes’ – equating to 58% of the vote. Furthermore, an additional 22 people (18%) said they would be open to the idea with more information.

Just 28 people (24%) told Car Dealer that they are categorically against the introduction of a licensing system.

In its manifesto – titled ‘Helping local communities and businesses to prosper’ – the CTSI says that interventions by Trading Standards officers have prevented ‘£1.9m of consumer detriment’ when it comes to used vehicles in the past for years.

It comes amid a clampdown on dodgy dealers in recent years, several of whom have been jailed as a result of Trading Standards prosecutions.

The CTSI says: ‘Rogue dealers who sell cheap, clocked or unroadworthy cars often impact the most financially vulnerable consumers.

‘NTS supported Trading Standards cross-regional activities to disrupt the most complained about used car traders.

‘Over four years this has prevented £1.9m of consumer detriment.’

On the subject of licenses, the document adds: ‘Trading Standards is alert to continued threats to high standards of protection for both consumers and business, and we are at the forefront of identifying new and emerging risks.

‘Our regulators, law-makers and politicians need to anticipate, plan and respond to these challenges and ensure that the Trading Standards system is robust enough to deal with them.

‘The UK is part of the global economy, and we need to mitigate the risks of the UK regulatory framework diverging from the EU, ensuring the UK is an accessible and attractive place to do business.

‘We are calling on the next Government to introduce licensing schemes for home improvement, motor vehicles and green energy businesses.’

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