Car dealers told to expect surge of summer business as holidaymakers look to upgrade

  • Dealers urged to prepare for used car customers upgrading vehicles for their summer holidays
  • Motors Consumer Insight Panel finds that 54% of owners expect to use their cars on holiday
  • More than a quarter of those say they will buy a ‘more suitable’ vehicle before setting off

Time 10:01 am, May 17, 2024

Car dealers should expect a surge of summer business as customers look to upgrade ready for the holiday season.

That is according to digital marketplace Motors, which says a growing number of drivers are set to take motoring holidays in the coming months.

The firm’s latest Consumer Insight Panel found that 54% of drivers are planning to take their own car on a vacation this year – an annual rise of 4%.

Of those who are planning a motoring themed tripped away, more than a quarter (26%) told the survey they plan to buy a ‘more suitable’ vehicle before setting off.

For drivers taking their cars over to continental Europe, that figure rose to 44%, according to the survey of 2,000 consumers.

Meanwhile, the post-pandemic appetite for staycations remains strong with 46% planning to use their own car on holiday in the UK, an 8% increase on 2023.

Elsewhere, the number of people planning on taking their cars across the English Channel remained virtually unchanged year-on-year at 12%.

In response to the findings, Motors says that Car Dealers should be prepared for the additional business.

Lucy Tugby, marketing director of Motors, said: ‘With the first hints of summer sunshine finally starting to break through, our research shows how dealers can expect customers to be considering trading in their cars as they plan getaways from the late May Bank Holiday through to the main school holidays in August.

‘For dealers this presents an opportunity to start planning their used car inventory requirements, schedule pre-summer marketing campaigns and plan how they can maximise their online visibility.

‘Family buyers will be looking for more suitable and reliable vehicles than they currently have and online listings enhanced with high quality images, video walkabouts and family-friendly descriptions will help drive engagement.’

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