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CDX17: Four packed-out forums, 20 workshops and much more besides!

Time 10:05 am, April 11, 2017

CDX17 is only three weeks away and, whether you’re looking to improve performance or boost your turnover, we can now reveal our packed schedule of sessions to help you achieve your goals.

There will be four forums at Silverstone on May 23 called the RAC Customer Care Forum, the iVendi Finance Forum, the GForces Technology Forum and the GardX Future Forum. Each one will specialise in a key area and be made up of five different workshops from a variety of specialist brands.

Find out all of the speakers and times here

19ec20c2-f14d-4466-b8c5-c51125538f91The RAC Customer Care Forum will feature talks from customer engagement consultant Andrew McMillan who has worked with John Lewis and Virgin Atlantic. McMillan will be talking about how to create distinct customer experiences while Steve Settle, ex-director of Lexus, will be sharing his expertise on how to keep customers on side.

The Chartered Trading Standards Institute’s Nikki Pasek will also be part of this forum, answering your questions on consumer rights, warranties and distance selling, but, most importantly, how dealers can protect their businesses.

With positive reviews so important to the buying process, the RAC’s Adam O’Neill will be demonstrating how to manage your online reputation when it comes to customer reviews, too. Jimi Matthews from Perfect Placement will be imparting his wisdom on employing staff that can add value to your business and enhance your customer satisfaction and retention – a must for managers and business leaders!

10:45 Being chosen: The importance of creating a distinct customer experience

12:00 Dealing with customer reviews and how to manage your online reputation

13:00 Keeping customers on side: Turning your customers into advocates

14:00 Hiring a winner: Recruiting and retaining staff to enhance the customer experience

15:15 Working with Trading Standards: advice and insight into current laws and regulations

d1616d8c-2973-4738-ac25-bbf4106a19e2If you visit the iVendi Finance Forum, you’ll be able to hear the company’s CEO James Tew talking about motor finance and its role in retailing. He will also be offering guidance on how you can sell used vehicles more effectively online utilising a finance-led approach, and examining some of the new vehicle online sales initiatives currently being introduced by manufacturers.

Nona Bowkis, legal expert at Lawgistics, will be talking about regulations for customers returning cars and how to overcome these challenges. Julian Wheway, product director at Cox Automotive, will be explaining how you can maximise the values of your part-exchanges by getting the whole process spot-on.

The Consumer Credit Centre’s managing director David Golder will be talking about compliance and how you shouldn’t let it hold your business back. Divido’s commercial director David Blackshall will be revealing how you can increase sales and customer service by offering finance in parts of your business you may not have considered.

10:45 Dealer obligations: A legal update on ADR, right to reject and much more

12:00 Motor finance: How utilising online finance can grow your sales

13:00 Maximising part-exchange values: how to unlock the hidden profit potential

14:00 Finance beyond sales: a look at how offering finance across your business can improve revenue

15:15 FCA compliance: understanding your obligations and not letting them hold you back

1bbc4421-f31b-4629-ba15-7bc9b8002094Technology is top dog in the GForces Technology Forum, where the team will be taking on the subject of why digital mediums will be everything in the future with Tim Smith and how to maximise your conversions from mobile with Paul Hilton and Ben Green. GForces will also be holding a customer Q&A session with all of the team available to answer questions, as well as an opportunity to discuss the future of our industry.

Facebook’s Anita Fox will be talking about how using the platform can increase footfall at your dealership, with examples of how to achieve real results in your business. Scott Sinclair from Google will also be in the GForces Technology Forum to explain how you can utilise YouTube as an alternative avenue to advertise the right kind of stock.

10:45 Why digital will inherit the earth: A look at the future of online retail

12:00 How to drive sales AND footfall to your dealership with Facebook

13:00 How to make the most of YouTube advertising

14:00 Mobile connectivity, conversion and business intelligence: How to make it count

15:15 Your chance to ask the GForces team about all things automotive

a701ab40-b02a-4655-9abe-9321fb7d8e24In the GardX Future Forum, delegates will be able to hear from the brand about maximising return from your products. They will have two workshops, firstly about e-commerce with head of business Victor (Billy) Coutin, and the CEO of SpinCar USA, Devin Daly. Later in the day, Amanda Massey and Richard Gonzalez will be talking about best practice for selling add-ons.

Auto Trader’s Nick King will be talking about stock turn secrets and how to thrive in a competitive marketplace.

Armchair Marketing’s Lee Manning, ex-head of online digital for Perrys, will be explaining how to increase your return from Google Ads, with 97 per cent of automotive consumer journeys now beginning online.

10:45 Winning at Google: uncovering Googles hidden opportunities and sharing best strategies for Google AdWords

12:00 Ecommerce and implementing traditional best practice into the automotive industry

13:00 Live Chat: turning online browsers into physical customers

14:00 Upselling and add-ons: best practice tips on achieving more sales and improving margins through value-added sales

15:15 Stock turn secrets: how to thrive in a competitive marketplace

The best part is that all of these workshops are completely FREE to car dealers – and there’s no charge at all to attend CDX. Register for your tickets today so you don’t miss out.

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