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Don’t be misled by your data! Understand buyers’ behaviour with Codeweavers at CDX

Time 9:54 am, April 16, 2019

THE team from software development experts Codeweavers will be present at this year’s CDX, looking at all things data.

The session, entitled, ‘Why do car buyers want to personalise finance at 4pm but reserve a car at 10pm?’ will be hosted by Paul Boocock, Codeweavers’ head of data insight and Rebecca Boocock, who is the firm’s head of delivery.

Rebecca Boocock explained what to expect from the workshop. She said: ‘What we’re looking to do is stage an interactive session that answers a question for the attendees.

‘The question revolves around what online behaviour can tell us about car buyers. We’ll look at what their behaviour tells us in terms of what car they will buy, when they’ll buy it and what their journey might be.

‘We’re hoping to come away from the workshop with some nice insight that dealers will be able to use to tailor their customer journey to attract the right people.

‘And of course, it’s also things like if the weather is nice, people are more likely to buy a convertible. It’s trying to tie all of that stuff together.’

Boocock also explained that, while keeping tabs on data is key, knowing what to read from it is even more important: ‘I think there’s always a danger with data to overstate its value.

‘There are so many ways to interpret data; you really need to know its context. We will be talking about how you can potentially be misled by your data. It is extremely valuable, but you always need to take it with a bit of a health warning, and not let it completely dictate the direction of your business.’

Paul and Rebecca will also take attendees through what it is that leads car buyers to perform certain actions online at certain times, such as personalising a finance quote or applying for finance. They will show how you can find trends within data, start to model predictions of user behaviour, and use this insight to drive improvements to your online car sales.

The Codeweavers team aim for its workshop attendees to be prepared to start asking the right questions of their data, with a further understanding of how it can help their businesses.

CDX 2019 will take place at Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre on Wednesday, June 12, 2019.


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