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Comment: Want to know your future? The best way is to create it

Time 7 months ago

There was a noticeable absence of goals going up on people’s desks at the start of the year but we now have some light at the end of the tunnel.

I have hope that this year life will return to something like we used to know, but for now we need to find ways to get by, tread water, etc.

These next few weeks or months will be tough and not without challenges. I have been reading a lot of posts from people in our industry, with many dealers seemingly confident and returning to click-and-collect or home delivery.

However, not everyone is so fortunate, and even those that are operating will be working at significantly lower business levels.

So, most would think there isn’t much positivity around. However, I am a great believer in the quotes ‘You make your own luck’ and ‘The best way to predict your future is to create it’.

Having a positive mental attitude during a pandemic is tough for some, but the only way to move forward is to start moving.

I advise anyone in a rut to start self-development of some sort.


This could be as simple as reading that book that’s been gathering dust on the shelf, or maybe it’s time to order something new that ticks new boxes – those required to get a new job or start a project you’ve been thinking about for a while.

For instance, I’ve just picked up How To Win Friends And Influence People – In The Digital Age.

The original publication was released in 1936 but has been adapted to meet today’s communication challenges and will help me improve the way I communicate with customers, team members, friends, etc.

There are also many free resources online for those looking at digital marketing.

Maybe try Facebook Blueprint or Google Digital Garage, as both are brilliant ways to gain marketing knowledge.

Finally, the Open University currently has a great deal of free courses available.

They start at just one hour long, but there is a range of courses up to 35 hours. You can start at introductory level or go straight in at advanced – so there’s something for everyone.

Ben Garside is marketing manager for First Response. Call him on 07817 518739 or email [email protected]

This column first appeared in Car Dealer issue 155. For more like it, view the latest edition by clicking below.

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