Dealer's car-an-hour bid

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dealer-aims-to-sell-a-car-an-hour1CRYSTAL Motor Group will tomorrow launch a unique sales event – selling 200 cars in 200 hours.

The three-site group, based in Lincolnshire, will run the special event between 21 February and 16 March.

Used car buyers are being attracted with a big marketing campaign, which advertises cars ranging in price from £3495 to £20k.

But why? Area manager Chris Gough said: ‘We’re committed to selling 200 cars between 9am on Saturday and 6pm on Monday 16th March.

It’s a one-off deal, he said. ‘There will never be a better chance to purchase a better value quality car – but these deals won’t be around for long…’

Car Dealer feels it’s a canny move to ensure high-profile sales before the March registration plate change. Crystal has already seen January sales rise by 44 per cent compared to 2008.

Even more surprisingly, Crystal reports December sales were up 100 per cent on 2007!

This could be another successful move by the group to defy the tough market conditions. We will be following the campaign with some interest…

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