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060937600_1221821622.jpgYOU can’t have missed the ad campaign for the new Ford Fiesta.

The all-new model, which goes on sale in October, is being supported by Ford’s biggest marketing campaign ever.

And, promises the maker, it’s also the most integrated promotion run it’s ever created.


The TV ads have already gone live. They debuted during the break in comedy show, Ugly Betty – which also gives a pointer as to the customers Ford’s targeting. Think who watches the show: they’ll also be buying the car, hope the marketers.

But the campaign is much broader than that, reflecting today’s need to encompass all mediums. It incorporates radio, online campaigns, outdoor billboards, newspaper advertorials, even two dedicated websites.

The latter is more than just plain advertising. Yes, you have the bespoke website, (and, crucially, a dedicated fleet section within But buyers can also check out an alternative, called

Which is? An MSN Hub, that Ford says ‘includes a dynamic three-dimensional city to bring the spirit of ‘now’ concept to life.’ Check it out for yourself… remembering that ‘this is now’ will be the tagline for the new campaign.

What’s more, radio ads won’t be plain ‘here’s the new Fiesta’ ramblings. Instead, Ford is sponsoring ‘Live at your Local’ – small, nationwide music gigs. Starting with the Sugarbabes in Birmingham (not that small, then…), the concerts will be aired on Red Dragon, Invicta, GWR, Trent FM, BRMB and Century FM.

Ford’s also going to sponsor The Fashion Show on ITV2, and supply advertorials for The Sunday Times, plus its Style section, and the News of the World, including its Fabulous magazine.

The campaign is, in other words, huge, and will run until the end of the year.

Ford of Britain marketing director, Mark Ovenden, said: ‘With 3.2 million Fiesta models sold in Britain over the last 32 years, we have a large customer base and our marketing campaign targets existing customers as well as a style conscious younger audience.’ To reinforce that – Ford’s going after old customers, as well as new ones. Hence the breadth of the campaign.

Ovenden echoes this. ‘It is important that we implement a broad communication campaign to ensure we reach all our audiences.

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