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Five ways that independent dealers are profiting from going digital

Sponsored: Dealer Auction explains how it can help used car dealers sell faster and buy smarter by using its digital platform – and there’s a 30-day free trial, too!

Time 8:55 am, October 28, 2021

When stock volume is down and competition is high, profit per vehicle is more important than ever.

To help stack the odds in their favour, savvy independent dealers are maximising their use of digital solutions when buying and selling stock – here’s why!

1. Reach thousands of buyers

Make the competitive market work for you!

Listing a vehicle on a digital platform instantly connects you with thousands of trade buyers, not just those who have shown up at the auction hall for a bacon sandwich and a coffee!

Dealer Auction has recently given all independent dealers the ability to sell on the platform.

It’s had a great response, with over 300 new independent sellers since August successfully selling hundreds of vehicles and averaging 112 per cent on reserve.

2. Faster sales

Having a quick turnaround is key to a successful remarketing strategy – getting cash back in the bank quickly and allowing you to focus your efforts on the most profitable vehicles.

By harnessing the power of digital, independents can sell their part-ex, over-age or duplicate vehicles straight from their forecourts in less than three days and utilise a range of smart tools to give prospective buyers the confidence to click ‘bid’.

3. Profit, profit, profit!

As well as selling faster, increased profit per unit is an absolute must.

Digital auctions make your metal work harder for you – and, with our disruptive fee structure, buyers spend less on the fees and are prepared to spend more on the vehicle.

Dealers are receiving on average a four per cent higher return* per vehicle compared with traditional routes.

4. Buy with confidence

As well as selling unwanted stock quickly and profitably, many independent dealers are utilising digital stock sources to buy the vehicles they need.

We do the hard work in connecting you to the right stock – we’ve sent out 8.6m alerts so far this year, notifying buyers the second a matching vehicle hits the platform!

What’s more, data such as Auto Trader’s Retail Rating and ‘days to sell’ empower you to bid on a vehicle, safe in the knowledge that you can shift it quickly and profitably.

5. Don’t compromise!

With the current stock volume issues, many dealers have reported they’re reassessing their stock profiles in order to keep their forecourts filled – increasing the age and mileage of the stock they usually sell.

However, the average age and mileage of vehicles on our platform has actually dropped since August – meaning fewer dealers are needing to compromise on their ideal stock profile!

Take us for a test drive

With the current volume challenges, successful dealers are being agile in their approach to stock-buying-and-selling strategies, and are using digital platforms to sell faster and buy smarter.

At Dealer Auction, we’re evolving our platform to embrace as many stock sources as possible in one place, making things fast, easy and profitable for everyone involved.

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*on average vs physical auction when comparing like-for-like vehicles

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