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181004-b-for.jpgARE your delivery drivers costing you too much money in fuel, and you’re finding it hard to change their ways?

Then offer them a share of any fuel cost savings they make, says an emissions software specialist.

Fuel savings of up to a fifth are possible through changing driver behaviour, reckons Lysanda. Yet commercial drivers are often reluctant to change their ways simply from diktacts from above.


However, immediate benefits will come through a bonus scheme based on fuel saved.

As Simon Harris, the company’s marketing director, says: ‘Van drivers who may be earning less than £20,000 may wonder why they should make an effort to save fuel, when it benefits their bosses financially, but not them.’

‘Offering a share of the money saved when fuel bills drop means that, as well as helping the environment and putting less of a strain on the fleet budget, drivers get a regular bonus in their wallet. It could even help increase employee loyalty.’

‘This is a sector which traditionally sees a high staff turnover, with some drivers moving from job to job, lured by better working conditions or a fatter pay packet.’

Naturally, Lysanda has software that monitors fuel economy, and can also offer tools back at base to help drivers improve things. But the simplest way is to just monitor fuel going in. If this reduces, consider giving the van drivers a cut. If we know van drivers, you’ll immediately see savings…

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