Gift ideas: What to buy the car mad loved ones in your lives this Christmas

Time 9 months ago

Buying Christmas presents for the car mad people in your life isn’t easy – especially when all they ever keep asking for is ‘a Ferrari’.

So to assist in the run up to Christmas – and make the car dealership secret santa that little bit easier – we’ve come up with a list of gift ideas for you.

Lego Technic Ducati Panigale V4 R

£55, Argos

Chances are if they like cars, they’ll like bikes too and what better way to get up close and personal with one of the biggest names in the business – Ducati – than by building one of the firm’s Panigale V4 R superbikes in brick form?

Lego’s Technic range has turned its attention to the sublime Panigale, creating a kit made up of 646 pieces which will measure 12 inches long when fully built. It’ll be a hit on Boxing Day, that’s for sure.

Porsche 911 Speaker

£400, Porsche

The 911 Speaker brings a small part of Porsche’s famous sports car into the house. Manufactured from an original 911 GT3 tailpipe, this speaker packs a 24-hour battery to ensure that you’re able to keep the tunes going for a long time and uses Bluetooth connectivity.

Tile Mate

£19.99, Amazon

Know someone who is forever losing their car keys? The Tile Mate Bluetooth keyring is a sure-fire winner solution. It’s a slim device which attaches to your keys and then connects to your smartphone via an app.

Then, if you lose your keys or anything else it’s attached to for that matter, you can use the app to get the tile to sound a ‘beep’, disclosing the location and saving hours of searching.

Bentley Golf Bag

£699, Bentley

The worlds of driving and golf are often closely alinged and Bentley has acknowledged this by producing its own golf bag. Made with the same attention to detail as Bentley’s range of road cars, it’s fashioned from a range of lightweight materials – even the legs are carbon-fibre.

All of the zips feature rubber linings to keep your possessions dry and there’s a ‘cool pocket’ to help keep drinks chilled.

McLaren Senna ‘Ride-on’

£375, McLaren

They might keep asking for a Ferrari – so why not buy them a McLaren instead? The firm has turned its legendary attention to detail to a smaller-scale car with a ride-on version of its famous Senna. But this is far from just a plastic shell with wheels on, thanks to a full battery-powered powertrain, realistic engine noises and working brake lights.

Aimed at those aged between three and six, the ride-on Senna even has dihedral doors just like the real thing, while an on-board speaker can be used to play music via a USB port.

Amazon Echo Auto

£49.99, Halfords

Amazon’s Alexa has proved a hit with many, giving users a quick and easy way to control devices in their homes as well as get answers to all manner of questions. Now, with Echo Auto, you can bring that into your car too.

You can either connect it via an aux cord or your car’s Bluetooth and, once you’ve done that, you can use it to make hands-free calls or even find out the price of fuel at stations nearby – all through voice control alone.

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Morgan x Piston Gin

£45, Morgan

It’s well known that Malvern-based sports car maker Malvern has used ash in the creation of its cars for decades. Nowadays the wood is used to create the framework upon which the vehicle’s body is placed, giving it that eye-catching design.

To celebrate this, Piston Distillery has created an ash wood-flavoured gin. The Worcester-based distillery’s bottle design also includes a stainless-steel top, giving it a really old-school appearance.

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