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Here’s how car dealers can clean more vehicles faster and at a lower cost

Sponsored: Autoglym has brought out a new wheel cleaner that can make a real difference to the bottom line of a dealership

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Heavy Duty Wheel Cleaner is Autoglym’s brand-new powerful, fast-acting, acid-free cleaner for automotive wheels.

Fast-building foam increases dwell time and cleaning efficiency, while its chemically advanced formula rapidly removes brake dust, road grime and traffic film from wheels with minimal agitation.

What type of wheels is it suitable for?

Heavy Duty Wheel Cleaner can be used on all types of wheels that have lacquered alloy, painted and plastic finishes. It’s suitable for cars, vans, trucks and other commercial vehicles.

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We do not recommend it is used on motorcycles, though. We also advise not to use this product on Alcoa, chrome, split rims or unlacquered surfaces. Do not use on warm surfaces, either.

Features & benefits

– Fast-acting wheel cleaner – enables you to clean more vehicles in a day
– Acid-free solution – allows the option to use on a variety of wheels
– Suitable for common wheel types that have lacquered alloy, painted and plastic finishes
– High cling – prevents wheel cleaner running off wheel face quickly
– Fast-building foam – increases cling time and helps users track where they have been
– Minimal agitation – ensures wheels can be cleaned more quickly
– Heavy-duty tyre cleaner – cleans wheels and tyres in a single operation; provides the ideal surface to dress
– Dilutable solution – use at 1:3 or increase the concentration for heavily soiled wheels

Is this the same as Autoglym Professional’s Acid Free Wheel Cleaner?

No. Heavy Duty Wheel Cleaner is a brand-new formulation, created to exceed the performance in Acid Free Wheel Cleaner in many areas.

Heavy Duty Wheel Cleaner is higher foaming, which leads to increased cling and contact time with the wheel, so the product stays on the wheel and doesn’t run off as readily.

It has more chemical cleaning power, so less brushing and agitation is required to clean wheels.

All this leads to a faster clean, increasing operator efficiency and reducing cost.

How do I use this product?

1. Always pre-test alloy or plated parts, aftermarket or refurbished wheels before use.

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2. Spray on to wheels and tyre walls, starting at the bottom and moving upwards. Allow up to five minutes of dwell time. Do not allow the product to dry.

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3. Agitate surfaces with a suitable wheel brush to remove stubborn dirt. Rinse thoroughly with cold water.

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