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How attracting pre-approved customers can help you sell more stock

Sponsored: Leading digital motor finance platform CarFinance 247 explains why its Marketplace isn’t just another listings site – it can make a real difference to dealers

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There are three things that can transform a browser into a buyer: intent, trust, and finance.

When customers walk on to your forecourt without these things in place, making the sale can be an uphill struggle and you could end up wasting valuable time or holding stock for customers that aren’t ready to buy a car.

That’s where the CarFinance 247 Marketplace can make a real difference.

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It’s not just another listings site.

Marketplace sellers have direct access to used car buyers who are in-market, pre-approved for finance, and know they can trust your dealership, thanks to the community-driven star ratings displayed next to each car.

Every car buyer who is searching on the Marketplace is actively looking for a used car.

They’ve made the decision to apply for finance because they’re ready to make a purchase.

CarFinance 247 is the UK’s leading digital motor finance platform, and it has more than 150,000 buyers a month active on its car search all over the country and looking for every car make and model imaginable.

Each of those applicants is introduced to used cars from Marketplace sellers through direct marketing communications based on their location and car search history to ensure that your stock gets in front of the right customers at the right time.

With CarFinance 247, buyers secure their finance first. That means they are pre-approved before they even start searching for a car, they have a clear budget in mind, and are typically happy to pay the vehicle list price.

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CarFinance 247 has more than 150,000 buyers a month active on its car search

Thanks to its panel of lenders, the platform can find finance deals for buyers with a wide range of credit histories and employment circumstances, including self-employed and retired workers.

When a buyer finds your used car on the Marketplace, they’re able to move forward straight away and CarFinance 247 has 50,000 new pre-approved customers each month.

When it comes to trust, nothing is more effective than customer reviews. That’s why Marketplace sellers receive star ratings next to their listings.

These are generated from real customers and provide an extra level of confidence for buyers who aren’t familiar with your dealership.

Buyers can trust that a top-rated Marketplace seller has not only been endorsed by the team at CarFinance 247 but also, more importantly, by genuine customers who have rated their experience.

Andy Hobson, owner of independent dealership Templar Cars in Derbyshire, has worked with CarFinance 247 for several years but has seen his sales skyrocket since becoming a Marketplace seller.

From January to September (before the launch of Marketplace), he was selling just over four cars a month to buyers who found his stock on the CarFinance 247 platform. However, for each of the past two months that figure has more than doubled!

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He said: ‘The Marketplace has certainly brought us more business in, and the company itself is brilliant.

‘The thing that’s really refreshing is that we’re dealing with people who do what they say they’re going to do.

‘Our CarFinance 247 account manager is great. He’s very responsive, always happy to help, and builds a good rapport with the customers – it’s like having another member of the team.’

Find out more about becoming a Marketplace seller today. Visit

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