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How CarFinance 247 is revolutionising the car buying process

Sponsored: By providing personalised quotes to car buyers, CarFinance 247 is changing the way people find and finance used cars and helping dealerships shift their sales up a gear

Time 7:45 am, July 14, 2022

When it comes to buying and selling used cars, trust and transparency are key. But the car finance industry has been cloaked in mystery for far too long. 

With the rising cost of used cars, the squeeze on the cost of living, and greater awareness and education around loan options, more and more buyers are relying on car finance to purchase their new vehicles. 

However, many of the UK’s most well-known used car listing sites are still lagging behind. Car buyers browsing these sites are typically fed a one-size-fits-all finance quote based on a representative example. While this can provide an indication, it could be world’s away from the real rate a given customer will receive. This lack of personalisation can leave potential buyers feeling cheated and disappointed when they receive a loan offer that could be hundreds of pounds more than the monthly repayment advertised. 

That’s the challenge that CarFinance 247 can now solve. 

The UK’s leading motor finance platform has over 20 years’ experience connecting car buyers, sellers, and finance providers and they are now using that knowledge to transform the car buying process by providing their customers with a real finance quote from the start. 

Each of the 120,000 vehicles listed on the platform’s car search is accompanied by a bespoke quote, tailored to the buyer’s individual circumstances. That way, there’s no surprises. If they choose to proceed to purchase stage, they will already know exactly how much it’ll cost each month to finance their chosen car. 

So, how can this help your dealership sell more cars? 

It’s all about intent. 

When a potential buyer clicks on your car on the CarFinance 247 platform, you can trust that they’ve already been pre-approved for finance, are actively searching for a new car, and already know exactly how much it’ll cost them each month. 

And thanks to their panel of lenders, CarFinance 247 will always display the best available quote. 

That means it’s much less likely that a potential buyer will waste your time by enquiring about a car and taking it for a test drive only to then back out when they realise it’ll blow their budget. 

CarFinance 247’s platform eliminates this issue by bringing together car buyers, sellers, and finance providers in one place. It’s a holistic ecosystem that helps to remove any barriers in the car buying journey. 

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The platform also harnesses the power of technology to provide a customer experience that modern consumers expect and increasingly demand. Echoing online shopping sites and fintech banks that can provide real-time, accurate, and personalised purchases, CarFinance 247 empowers buyers to take control of their car finance. 

And that’s not all; dealerships who choose to work with CarFinance 247 receive a whole host of additional benefits. 

  • It’s free to list – you won’t pay a penny to display your stock until you make the sale
  • 62,000 buyers who are already pre-approved for finance are active in the car search every month
  • A real finance rate, tailored to each buyer, displayed next to every vehicle
  • Customer-generated star ratings providing additional trust
  • A dedicated business manager on hand to help maximise your sales, support you with customer queries, and act as an extension of your team 

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