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How dealers are increasing website conversion rates by at least 120 per cent

Sponsored: Industry expert Bluesky Interactive explains how personalising your website to the needs of your individual visitors delivers significantly improved lead levels

Time 7:30 am, September 1, 2021

The power of personalisation

Think about it. You visit two websites. 

One website shows you offers for your favourite product or brand and suggests some highly relevant cross-sells that you hadn’t considered before. The other, however, lands you on a generic homepage with a collection of largely irrelevant banners, and generic links into the key product areas.

Which one is more likely to get your business?

There’s a very clear and simple reason that website personalisation works so well: it ensures that the content of the website is more relevant to you – making your journey more enjoyable and much easier. 

This is why Bluesky regularly sees websites that make use of its AutoEdge personalisation software return conversion rates (to email, calls and live chats) that are 10 to 20 per cent higher than non-personalised websites – and sometimes much more.

One dealer boosted their conversion rate from five per cent to 11 per cent – that’s a 120 per cent growth, and this is a fairly modest example.

How does AutoEdge work?

Bluesky starts by tracking behaviour – this is how the software knows what your visitors are interested in.

The artificial intelligence collects as much data as it can – what types of content you are visiting, what specs of cars you prefer and so on. All of this huge amount of data is rolled up and analysed – automatically. 

At this point, AutoEdge identifies what content to show to what people – and you can take a wide range of approaches to how and when the software does this.

That’s the beauty of AutoEdge – sophisticated AI-powered technology that still offers lots of opportunities to adapt and change according to your business objectives.

Finally, AutoEdge changes the content on the page. This can happen whilst your visitor is on the website (they don’t have to leave and revisit), and even better, it happens ‘server side’.

This means that your page doesn’t flicker or rearrange itself, and instead is personalised from the moment it loads!

What sort of conversion levels should a dealer website achieve?

Bluesky is proud of the performance of AutoEdge, and the statistics speak for themselves. 

Typically, dealers see a dramatic difference in conversions between visitors who see personalised content versus those who don’t – and that’s even the case when you look at highly engaged visitors, too!

It’s not unusual to see conversion rates exceeding 15 per cent, meaning that a personalised site can generate hundreds of additional leads each month for your dealership.

Can your dealer website benefit from AutoEdge?

If you want to embrace the power of personalisation and artificial intelligence, then give Bluesky Interactive a shout today.

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Even better, you don’t have to be limited by templates. Every single Bluesky website looks and feels different to meet the needs of each dealer – uniquely. 

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