HR Owen leads the way with Veyron sales thanks to super saleswoman

Time 9:22 am, March 1, 2013

veyronLUXURY car retailer HR Owen is topping the list for the most Bugatti Veyrons sold  in 2012 thanks to one saleswoman selling 10 examples of the hypercar.

Hugarian-born Anita Krizsan, a saleswoman at the opulent Jack Barclay showroom in Mayfair, has just notched up sales worth more than £13million and sold 10 Veyrons in the past year.

She told Car Dealer it’s a special privilege selling the personalised examples of world’s fastest road car. ‘I feel very privileged and honoured every day that I was given this rare opportunity.

‘I am very passionate about the Bugatti brand and I enjoy meeting very successful and interesting people.’

Successful and interesting they may be, but there’s no archetypal customer who walks in to buy a Veyron. ‘There isn’t a typical profile of a Bugatti customer other than a car collector, and a confident and successful business man. I have met owners from 19 to 70 years olds.

‘I didn’t think Bugatti customers are different at all from other supercar customers until I met them. They are all passionate about their cars and treat you like an equal business partner. They trust me implicitly to manage the transaction.’

Krizsan said Bugatti customers aren’t the type of people who need the very latest thing. ‘I have to qualify and find out what motivates them about buying the car, which can be passion or investment,’ she said. ‘It is not a competition for them. They are more likely looking for the one that is reflects most their personality.’

Unsurprisingly, the process of buying a Bugatti is quite unlike buying a Ford Focus. Krizsan has initial meetings and discussions about the different models available and the availability. A factory visit follows and the customer is then treated to a test drive with Bugatti’s official racing driver, Pierre Henri.

After this, the buyer is then introduced to the after sales team, and then the contract is signed and the deposit taken.

Krizsan is modest about the maddest Veyron she has ever sold. ‘All Bugatti Veyrons are individual and every one of them a work of art,’ she told us. ‘We sold the Beijing Motor Show Grand Sport, Wei Long. This car was developed with the help of Koniglice Porzellan Manufaktur of Berlin. The fuel filler cap, wheel inserts and elements of the cabin have all been made from porcelain, which have been engraved with images of a dragon – celebrating the Chinese year of the dragon.

‘We are currently working on selling the first Bugatti to be built using elements of gold.’

Earlier this month Krizsan notched up her eleventh Veyron sale – a £1.7m Veyron Super Sport.



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