12.02.10: Hyundai Banger Race – The Video

Time 7:43 pm, February 12, 2010

HERE it is – the video that proves we really did enter a banger race in a Hyundai i10 and live to tell the tale…

djs_4693RIGHT, I’m not auditioning for a slot on Top Gear – a presenter I am not – however alongside our Hyundai i10 banger race feature that graces the cover of the current issue, we also produced a video.

It’s posted here in two parts as it was too long to upload in one movie to the YouTube. It was made in association with Optimisitc Video and St Vincent College students who helped film the event for their coursework.

Their tutor Rob Hind has done a cracking job cutting it together and despite the wooden presenter (you can always fast forward me), it captures the event superbly.

From preparing the car with to the eventual monumental crash, it’s all here in two parts.

I hope you enjoy it.

Here’s part one…

And part two…

If you’ve got any ideas on what we should do next let me know – we’re always up for mad motoring challenges with a motor trade theme.

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