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Time 4:22 am, October 22, 2012

THINK pricing your stock lower than the competition will bring in customers? Not necessarily, according to Deltapoint.

Using live data provided by AutoTrader, BCA and various lease companies, the firm’s i-Control software can provide dealers with the exact price they should be selling a specific model for – and not a penny higher or lower.

‘Being a few percentage points above or below the market,’ says Deltapoint, ‘can dramatically reduce a dealer’s internet response, undermine profit and slow stock turn.’

Price models too high and – naturally – customers will keep searching until they find the car cheaper elsewhere, but crucially, dealers mustn’t price their stock too low either.

Doing so, says the firm, raises suspicion in buyers’ minds – leading them to believe that the price is simply too good to be true.

Paul Jarvis, Managing Director of Deltapoint, said: ‘The significant investment in Deltapoint and the development and launch of i-Control software provides dealers with a market leading solution for successful used car retailing.

‘The introduction of i-Control has generated a lot of interest as dealers of all sizes meet the dual challenges of an ever changing used car market and continuing economic uncertainty. ‘

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