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Keytracker explains how car dealers can benefit from good key management system

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Time 7:45 am, January 19, 2024

Within the landscape of the automotive industry, security, customer satisfaction and operational efficiency stand out as pre-eminent priorities.

The emergence of key management solutions has become a game-changer, offering a comprehensive solution that not only addresses these concerns but also paves the way for a more augmented and customer-centric automotive experience.

To find out the benefits of such solutions, we caught up with expert firm Keytracker. Here is what they had to say…


Security is a top priority for automotive businesses, especially with the rising finesse of automotive theft techniques, key management solutions play a pivotal role in fortifying vehicle security by incorporating advanced encryption and authentication protocols.

This not only deters unauthorised access but also safeguards sensitive data, ensuring that all keys and assets are protected against theft.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the essence of any successful industry, and the automotive sector is no exception.

Imagine the frustration of a customer waiting ages to receive their key to retrieve their vehicle from the repair shop or even when they’re waiting for the keys to take their brand-new car home from the dealership.

Enter key management solutions, which not only ensure the seamless functioning of quick and easy access for authorised personnel, but it also enhances the overall customer experience, as they say goodbye to long wait times.

Keytracker’s Mechanical Peg-in, Peg-out Board and Electronic Cabinet allows for great organisation and visuals into what keys are missing while Keytracker’s Intelligent Locker in ‘Drop-off & Collection Mode’ provides a speedy approach to dropping off or collecting vehicle keys for both the client and staff.

Time and cost

One of the most compelling advantages of key management solutions lie in their ability to save time and money for the organisation.

Basic key hook panels or a bunch of keys in a drawer can be prone to human error, resulting in lost time and increased expenses for replacement keys or lockouts.

The management systems streamline these processes through centralised management, reducing the likelihood of errors and minimising the need for costly interventions.

Additionally, the integration of key control softwares allows for proactive identification and resolution of potential key-related issues before they become critical, further reducing downtime and expenses.


In conclusion, the adoption of a key management solution in the automotive industry represents a significant step towards achieving higher customer satisfaction, bolstered security, and substantial time and cost savings.

As technology continues to shape the future of transportation, embracing innovative solutions like a Peg-in, Peg-out Board, Electronic Cabinet or Intelligent Locker is not just an option; it is a necessity for auto manufacturing and retail striving to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive and dynamic market.

The road to a safer, more convenient, and cost-effective automotive future is paved with the intelligent integration of key management solutions.

For more information call 01215599000 or email [email protected]. Alternatively, you can find Keytracker on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.


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