‘Kind’ used car dealer goes above the call of duty to help cancer patient bag her dream motor

  • Cancer patient thanks Jersey car dealer for helping to secure dream vehicle
  • Antonia Rubio had always wanted a yellow Mini and saw one for sale at St Aubin Car Sales
  • What happened next saw dealer boss go above and beyond to help the 24-year-old

Time 10:38 am, January 2, 2024

A Jersey car dealer has been hailed for going above and beyond to help a cancer patient secure her dream vehicle.

Antonia Rubio had always dreamed of owning a yellow Mini, after her late grandmother had also wanted one before passing away.

She decided to treat herself after being given the green light to drive again following treatment for thyroid cancer in Southampton and found the perfect model at St Aubin Car Sales.

However, the 24-year-old was heartbroken when she enquired about the vehicle the next day and found it had been sold just hours previously.

Despite the sale already being agreed, owner Peter Chapman was touched by Rubio’s story and agreed to make some calls.

Thankfully for Rubio, the customer was a long-standing client of the dealership and, after Chapman explained the situation, they agreed to back out of the sale.

As a result of the dealer’s kindness, Rubio now has her dream car on the driveway and says Chapman’s actions have ‘restored her faith in humanity.

She told the Jersey Evening Post: ‘When you find out you have cancer, you’re let down by a lot of people you think are going to be there for you.

‘But strangers and people you wouldn’t expect show kindness to make up for that.

‘It just means so much to me. When I was in treatment, I was in survival mode and was really strong. It felt like nothing could get me down.

‘But since I finished my treatment it’s really hit me. Now that I have had time to process what happened, I’ve been crying every day.

‘However, Peter’s actions showed me that although bad things have happened this year, there is still kindness in the world.’

Describing the sale from his point of view, Chapman said it was just a case of ‘making a few phone calls’.

‘She was so overjoyed when she walked in thinking she was going to buy it,’ he said.

‘Her face dropped and she seemed really upset when she realised I’d sold it to someone else.’

He added: ‘I knew I had to try my hardest to get it for her after what she’d been through.

‘I think he thought I’d managed to sell it for more money at first but once he realised it was genuine, he was happy for Antonia to have the car.

‘I didn’t do anything special – it was just a couple of phone calls, but I’m glad it worked out.’

Rubio has named the Mini ‘Dolly’ in honour of her late grandmother and is now hoping to be able to move on with her life following her cancer ordeal.

She is expecting the results of her recent treatment later this month and if it has been successful, will have a final scan in July ahead of a possible ‘all clear’ in August.

She added: ‘I don’t want having cancer to define me, but I do think it will be the making of me. From now on, life will be different.

‘I have seen it in a new way – you have time to reflect a lot when you’re in hospital for long periods of time.

‘When I’m able to live my life fully again, I’m not going to let anything get in my way.’

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