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Land Rover name killed off after 75 years as part of JLR’s dramatic plans

  • There was no mention of Land Rover in JLR’s Reimagine strategy announced yesterday
  • Instead firm will focus on a ‘House of Brands’ and ditch the 75-year-old name
  • Jaguar, Discovery, Defender and Range Rover will be the group’s focus from now on
  • Used Car Awards host and Wheeler Dealer star Mike Brewer says he is ‘heartbroken’ at the news

Time 8:43 am, April 20, 2023

British car maker JLR has ditched the name Land Rover after 75 years as it switches to its ‘House of Brands’ strategy.

Buried in its announcement yesterday which highlighted a £15bn investment into electric models and production in the UK, was the news Land Rover was being killed off.

The car manufacturer said yesterday that it will focus on four brands in the future – Jaguar, Range Rover, Defender and Discovery.

There was no mention in the line-up of the famous Land Rover marque. 

As part of the changes, Jaguar Land Rover will also be known as ‘JLR’ as it removes Land Rover from its title.

In a statement, the firm said: ‘JLR will move to a House of Brands approach, to amplify the unique character of each of its brands – Range Rover, Defender, Discovery and Jaguar – and accelerate the delivery of the company’s vision, to become proud creators of the world’s most desirable modern luxury automotive brands for the most discerning clients.’

The decision to remove Land Rover from that brand line-up is one that will shock and sadden fans of the iconic car maker.

It will also mean dealerships up and down the country will need rebranding as the Land Rover logo is prominently displayed on showrooms.

Speaking at a presentation, JLR’s chief creative officer Gerry McGovern said: ‘The reality is Range Rover is a brand and so is Defender.

‘Customers say they own a Range Rover. In luxury, you need absolute clarity. Land Rover Range Rover SV Autobiography doesn’t give it. 

‘We love Land Rover, but there isn’t as much equity as Range Rover, and Defender is increasing massively.’

JLR said the Land Rover name won’t disappear completely with some models carrying the badging inside and out as a ‘trust mark’.

Mike Brewer shocked

Wheeler Dealer star and Used Car Awards host Mike Brewer said the news was a huge shock.

Speaking exclusively to Car Dealer, he said: ‘The news honestly makes me want to vomit. I am totally and utterly shocked.

‘We are going through a time where seemingly car manufacturers want to erase their history. Ford has got rid of the Fiesta and now Land Rover – what on earth will be next?

‘It is a huge loss to see such an iconic brand fade away.

‘I have built my career on that amazing brand and everywhere I have travelled in the world the iconic British marque has been proudly flying the British flag.

‘It’s a huge shame and I am heartbroken. But if they want to sell me the brand I’ll definitely take it on.’

The news comes a few weeks after Car Dealer exclusively reported the firm was drastically rethinking its dealer network.

Sources told Car Dealer Jaguar was planning to cut its dealer network from more than 80 today to less than 20.

A dealer source said: ‘The announcement yesterday is just the start of a major realignment for JLR in the UK. Showrooms are going to change dramatically as a result of the so-called “House of Brands” strategy.

‘There are a lot of people very sad to see the Land Rover name go, though. We agree it can cause some confusion when people describe their Range Rovers as Land Rover made, but there are also a lot of loyal fans who will miss the name greatly.’

There has been no word yet from JLR on how the news will affect its dealer network.

Jim Holder, editorial director of What Car? and Autocar, told Car Dealer: ‘It’s a bold move and much will hinge on how it’s implemented. But maybe they feel they have nothing to lose – it’s make or break for Jaguar in the next five years, so now is an obvious time to be bold.

‘It also creates space for Land Rover to expand its standing, although juggling so many strong brand names will need careful curation.

‘The industry has long referred to JLR – but it’s important to know if the understanding and shorthand of that internal bubble extends, or can be extended, to the wider world.

‘The two brands have very different equity and standing, and any change needs to reset Jaguar without impeding Land Rover, a mammoth task and one with as many perils to overcome as potential bonuses.’

Auto Express editor in chief Steve Fowler said he thought the move was ‘bonkers’.

He told Car Dealer: ‘Brands are going to become increasingly important for car makers – and consumers – in the coming years, especially with the influx of new makers in our increasingly electrified world. So it seems a bit bonkers to me that JLR is dropping the Land Rover brand – it’s one of the most powerful and evocative automotive brands in the business.’


In a statement, issued after this report was initially published, JLR added: ‘We want to reassure clients that Land Rover will remain the trust mark that underpins the world-leading capability offered across Range Rover, Defender and Discovery vehicles, building on 75 years of technological and engineering expertise.

‘As a House of Brands, Range Rover, Defender, Discovery and Jaguar now step forward as individual marques, projecting their individual purpose, desirability, and personality.

‘Under this approach, we will amplify the unique character of each of the brands, accelerating the delivery of our vision to be the “proud creators of modern luxury”.

 ‘We are not losing the Land Rover name; its spirit is – and will continue to be – a crucial part of our DNA.’

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