Lookers to join Auto Trader and Automotive 30% Club webinar on industry gender diversity

Time 1:19 pm, October 13, 2020

Lookers will be joining a webinar hosted by Auto Trader and the Automotive 30% Club that aims to increase gender diversity in the automotive industry.

It takes place tomorrow (Oct 14) at 2pm and is the second in the Courageous Conversations series organised by the digital marketplace and the voluntary group.

The overall aim of the series is to create a more positive culture for women in their organisation, with automotive thought leaders providing guidance and practical tips.

Tomorrow’s episode will focus on performative allyship – which is when somebody supports a minority group for the wrong reasons, such as to appear as if they’re doing something about a particular issue.

The webinar will look at its damaging role in diversity and inclusion, as well as how to move towards a more genuine, action-based allyship and activism.

Rebecca Nassiri, Auto Trader’s senior campaign manager, and Automotive 30% Club founder Julia Muir will be joined by Lookers group diversity manager Adam Carney.

Auto Trader client development director Simon Hosannah and ex-head of diversity for HSBC UK Fiona Daniel, who is now a leading diversity and inclusion consultant, will also be on the panel.

Half of the one-hour session will be dedicated to a Q&A, where viewers can put questions to them all.

Auto Trader group sales director Rebecca Clark said: ‘We were thrilled by the number of people from across the industry that not only joined our first webinar on intersectionality [how different types of discrimination are linked to and affect each other] but actively participated throughout it.

‘It reinforced just how important diversity and inclusion is to today’s automotive business leaders.

‘Whilst many are still at the beginning of their diversity and inclusion journey, they are actively looking for support in implementing a more diverse culture in their businesses.

‘That’s why this series of webinars draws on the first-hand experience of some of the industry’s most notable individuals and organisations.

‘We hope it will provide the practical guidance many across the industry are looking for to help them progress on their journey.’

Muir added: ‘This webinar will focus on the controversial area of genuine versus performative allyship.

‘Companies that are genuine allies of under-represented groups show authenticity through their deeds not their words, whereas performative allies are seeking brand association, positive PR and simply jump on the latest social media bandwagon.

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‘Inclusion is more than a hashtag. An inclusive leader builds and sustains a culture that truly seeks to enable diverse people to reach their full potential and contribute to greater business success.

‘Genuine allies are making significant changes within their companies. They will reap the benefits because such strong authentic values will be rewarded by employees, investors and customers.’

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