Mercedes SLC is fastest selling used car in August as research reveals used car prices dropped by 1.5 per cent

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The Mercedes SLC, Astra GTC and Audi A3 were the most popular used cars in August – flying off dealer forecourts after less than 35 days in stock.

The German drop-top in particular proved incredibly popular in the summer month as eBay Motors Group research reveals buyer enquiries for used cars soared 155 per cent in August compared to the lockdown lows.

However, used car prices dropped 1.5 per cent in the month across the retail prices advertised on the group’s classified websites.

Despite the drop, the group says demand remains strong as dealers are selling their stock far faster with the average numbers of days a used car is in dealer hands falling 7.8 days to 57.8 days.

Car supermarkets were the fastest to turnaround their stock with the average days to sell for these large used car sites dropping from 57 days to 45.4.

Franchised dealer used car arms cut the number of days in stock by 10 days from 65.5 to 55.5.

Across all types of used car dealerships the total number of cars on sale at their sites has fallen to 46 on average as pent-up demand saps cars off forecourts and dealers struggle to replace them. 

In August last year, car dealers had an average of 63 cars in stock as a comparison.

Dermot Kelleher, head of marketing and research at eBay Motors Group, said: ‘With the post lockdown recovery starting in earnest from July, when dealerships across the UK were permitted to reopen, it is immensely encouraging to see month-on-month improvements in days to sell in August with dealers benefitting from pent-up consumer demand.

‘Although our key benchmarks of cars in stock and selling days are still a long way adrift of where they were 12 months ago, they are moving in the right direction and are showing month-on-month improvements.

‘The ongoing challenge facing dealers is sourcing the stock they know will sell, pricing it accordingly and making it easy for buyers to find online. 

‘Our research shows buyer demand, as measured by incoming online and email leads, was up 155 per cent at the end of August compared to the lowest point of the lockdown, tangible proof there is an appetite among buyers to make an imminent used car purchase.’

Petrol cars were the most popular used cars in August accounting for the most searches on the group’s websites stealing 53.3 per cent of the share.

The Top 10 fastest selling cars in August

1. Mercedes SLC Class – 33.7 days

As the summer sun continued at the start of the month, the temptation of a drop top was too much for some buyers as they snapped up the baby Merc. 

2. Vauxhall Astra GTC – 34.1 days

The hatchback was snapped up across dealer forecourts as combination of good prices and availability helped the model. 

3. Audi S3 – 35 days

The sporty German attracted buyers with its potent performance and smart looks.

4. Volkswagen Scirocco – 35.4 days

They might not as most common site on the roads as the Golf on which it’s based but the VW Scirocco is a popular buy in the used market.

5. Renault Kadjar – 36.2 days

Eclipsing the Nissan Qashqai as the most popular SUV in August, the Renault Kadjar flew off forecourts in just over a month on average.

6. DS4 – 36.8 days

While its looks might not be to everyone’s tastes, the DS4 is a popular used buy as prices make it look rather attractive.

7. Mazda MX-5 – 36.8 days

The drop top is always a popular used buy and when the summer sun is shining it makes sales a lot easier. And we did see ‘some’ sun in August… 

8. Audi S5 – 38 days

The second S model Audi in the list, this time the slightly larger S5. A combination of decent looks, good spec and great performance make it popular.

9. Mini Convertible – 38 days

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Overshadowing its hatch and Clubman colleagues, the Mini Convertible was snapped up off dealers forecourts in August.

10. Audi A1 – 38.4 days

The smallest of the Audi range always proves a popular used car buy and in August it proved no different, securing 10th place in the list.

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