Mitsubishi mulling a limited-run Evo X for 40th anniversary

Time 7:01 am, September 20, 2013

057987600_1243434953The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution may be back in showrooms quicker than expected, as the manufacturer is considering a limited-run Evo X model.

UK managing director, Lance Bradley, has told the company website Mitsubishi Matters that he was assessing the feasibility of releasing a limited run of cars to celebrate the company’s 40th anniversary.

‘The likelihood is that we will do a special edition of 40 for the 40th anniversary, but we are still thinking about. If we get a really good price we will probably do more than 40, it just depends. We are just in the process of trying to sort it out with the factory,’ said Bradley.

The Evo X was discontinued when Mitsubishi announced it was to focus its attention on sustainable mobility and electric vehicles.

However, while a hybrid Evo has already been announced, it is still a very long way from becoming a reality for customers, meaning demand for current generation models remains high.

‘We have already had one dealer who wanted to reserve six and said he had already sold two, even though we haven’t announced anything yet,’ continued Bradley.

Mitsubishi’s MD also admitted part of the reason he was pushing for a new Evo X model, was that he is after one himself.

‘Both I and my finance director want to have one and we’ve only got one left each!’

Currently, there is no official confirmation on whether a new run of Evos will make it to the UK, but the situation for dealers and performance car fans alike looks promising.


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