We want to be at the top of the tree, says new Mitsubishi dealership

Time 10:28 am, August 5, 2014

portsmouth1A NEW Mitsubishi dealership has opened in Portsmouth.

Seward Mitsubishi went live in July, attracting plenty of interest and taking lots of orders too.

Sales manager John Buckham said: ‘We are really lucky to be able to join the Mitsubishi franchise, especially when you consider where Mitsubishi are right now. What an amazing opportunity for us to get on board with a franchise that is in the midst of such a strong period of growth!’

He said that the family-owned Seward group was attracted to the brand because ‘Mitsubishi was the best by far and the franchise sits really well within our dealership. Their cars look good and drive well – they are fantastic.’

Looking to the future, he said: ‘I think an overachievement of everyone’s expectations in the next 24 months is our main goal.

‘If I had a crystal ball, I’d love to predict that in two years’ time we’d be outperforming everyone and we’d be top of the Mitsubishi tree.

‘We don’t like being at the bottom of any ladder. We always like being at the top, looking down on people trying to come up, and that’s our main goal – it always has been. And we’ll do everything we possibly can to get there.’

The dealership, in Bilton Way, is planning to display the Outlander PHEV at a local multiplex to tie in with the cinema ad campaign for the world’s first 4WD plug-in SUV, and it will be taking Mitsubishi four-wheel-drive vehicles to the inaugural South Downs Show.

Lance Bradley, managing director of Mitsubishi Motors in the UK, said: ‘We are delighted to welcome Seward Mitsubishi to the Mitsubishi family. The Seward Group is a well-established and respected family business whose core values reflect our own perfectly, and I wish them every success.’

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