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Peugeot 3008 is quickest-selling used car at the moment, says Auto Trader

  • Peugeot 3008 is UK’s current fastest-selling car
  • Auto Trader says French model is flying off forecourts in just 12 days
  • Hybrid models are now quickest-selling used car fuel type

Time 11:12 am, April 12, 2024

The Peugeot 3008 is currently the fastest-selling used car in the UK.

That’s according to Auto Trader data based over the four weeks between March 14 and April 11, which found that people are so keen to get their hands on the compact crossover petrol-hybrid  SUV aged up to a year, it is taking just 12 days on average to leave forecourts – a fortnight faster than the current national average.

As of today, so far this month it’s taking an average of 26 days for used cars to sell – one day quicker than during the same period last year and one day slower than last month.

March’s average of 25 days was the fastest pace ever recorded by Auto Trader, said the online marketplace, which added that it highlighted the ongoing consumer demand for used cars.

The Peugeot is joined by five more hybrids on April’s list of fastest sellers, whilst across the market as whole, hybrid vehicles including plug-ins and mild/full hybrids, are now the fastest-selling of any fuel type, currently taking just 24 days to sell.

Used petrol cars are taking an average of 25 days to sell, with diesel at 28, while used electric cars are currently taking around 29 days.

Meanwhile, used cars between 10 and 15 years old are currently taking the longest to sell at 32 days – more than a week slower than the fastest group, namely, three-to-five-year-old cars, which are leaving forecourts in 24 days.

Richard Walker, Auto Trader’s data & insights director, said: ‘The speed in which used cars are selling is a good barometer of the underlying health of the used car market.

‘Since the start of the year, we’ve seen them leave retailers’ forecourts at a record pace.

‘We’ve also seen a significant uptick in the number of visits to our marketplace over the quarter, reaching an all-time record of 89.1m in March.

‘Combined, these metrics serve to highlight the ongoing strength of the used car market and the very robust levels of demand from consumers.

‘Whilst our outlook for the rest of the year is confident, retailers do face an incredibly nuanced and complex market.

‘As ever, the devil is in the detail, and I’d urge retailers to analyse the data on a granular level to navigate the market and identify the stock that provides the most profitable opportunities for their forecourt.’

Current fastest-selling used cars on average (in days)

1) Peugeot 3008 (petrol-hybrid, up to 1 year) – 12
2) Mercedes-Benz GLC Class (diesel-hybrid, up to 1 year) – 12.5
3) Cupra Formentor (petrol, 3 to 5 years) – 13.5
4=) Mercedes-Benz CLA Class (petrol-hybrid, up to 1 year) – 14
4=) Seat Leon hatchback (petrol plug-in hybrid, 3 to 5 years) – 14
6=) Ford Grand Tourneo Connect (diesel, up to 1 year) – 14.5
6=) Seat Leon estate (petrol plug-in hybrid, 1 to 3 years) – 14.5
8=) Ford Focus (diesel, up to 1 year) – 15
8=) Volvo XC60 (diesel, 1 to 3 years) – 15
10) Hyundai Tucson (petrol-hybrid, 3 to 5 years) – 15.5

Source: Auto Trader

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