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Pogo Alert speed camera detector

Time 13 years ago

THIS little Pogo product is bound to make you jump! The speed camera locator emits such an ear-piercing warning as you approach cameras that you can’t fail to miss it.

From the makers of the Origin b2 – a former Auto Express product test winner – the new Pogo range offers a compact alternative to often-bulky rivals. The Alert is only slightly bigger than a ring box and packs in a host of impressive features.

Most important of the lot is the speed camera-locating GPS technology that uses satellite positioning and a comprehensive database of traps to keep your licence clean. The Alert flashes up a display of the type of camera you’re approaching and an audible beep as you near the location.

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It warns of Gatso, Watchman, Specs, Truvelo, Speed Curb, as well as known locations of likely speed camera vans and accident black spots.

Included in the price is a six-month free subscription to Origin’s database – which the firm says is updated around three times a week – but after that it costs £50 a year. Updates are made via a computer, but unfortunately it’s not Mac compatible.

We did find the 1.8-inch TFT colour screen a little dull, especially in sunlight, and it was often hard to read information when driving. On our test route, which incorporated a number of different types of camera it spotted all of the traps and warned us of possible speed camera van locations.

However, on a couple of occasions the alerts were a little slow. Our only other complaint would be the menu system can be a little fiddly to navigate through.

The Pogo Alert does warn of congestion charge areas though, and we like the fact it can tell you when you’re approaching a school, plus this is time sensitive, so it doesn’t go off at night. We found it easy to mount and the compact size makes it very portable.

Price: £250

Contact: 020 7381 3000,

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