Porsche Taycan crashes through car dealership window in apparent YouTube stunt

3 months ago

A Russian YouTuber has crashed a Porsche Taycan Turbo S through the window of a car dealership.

In the accident – conveniently caught on camera from inside and outside the dealership – blogger Mikhail Litvin carefully looks over his new Porsche.

After inspecting the vehicle he jumps in and ‘accidentally’ drives it through the window of the official Porsche centre.


The video, which has already clocked up more than 3.7m views, is believed to be a stunt as the blogger has previous form.

Litvin had a battle with a Mercedes dealer because his GT 63S kept breaking down. 

Because that dealer wouldn’t do anything to fix it he took action himself and poured fuel all over his car and burnt it to a crisp. Porsche Taycan crashes through car dealership window

A strange way to make a protest, but it got some attention – the video was been viewed nearly 22m times.


The Taycan ‘crash’ is thought to be a similar stunt for YouTube subscribers. The car is Litvin’s own which he was picking up from the dealership.

Reports on website Motor1 say the actors in the video tell Litvin to ‘live his life to the fullest’ before he climbs inside the car and drives it through the window.

Porsche recently revealed a new entry-level Taycan sporting a £70k asking price and rear-wheel drive.

Simply called ‘Taycan’, the new model brings the electric Porsche range to four variants and sits below the Taycan S, Taycan Turbo and the Taycan Turbo S.

Car Dealer got behind the wheel of a Taycan Turbo for our Road Test of the Year last year. You can read that full review here.

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