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Right Click: Digital signage can work wonders

Time 10 years ago

screen-shot-2011-06-27-at-095931Tim Smith explains the benefits of an advertising tool that is cost effective and extremely versatile

Today we are bombarded with marketing messages: When driving, on the TV and even in public toilets, but despite the sheer scope of today’s advertising, it’s worth remembering that traditional forms of advertising can be tracked back to as early as 4000 BC when Indian rock-art paintings were discovered in ruins.

However, it wasn’t until the launch of the internet that advertising spiralled into a whole new realm, offering people the choice of paid, unpaid, social media, interactive banners, video and much more.

There is one form of advertising that blurs the boundaries between online and offline with a powerful presence and it is known to increase the time a customer spends in the showroom by 56 per cent, according to Nielsen.

Digital signage combines a variety of technologies to replace traditional retail signs. Instead of static print images and billboards, it is composed of electronic signs dispersing content and messages in a very targeted, interactive way.

Car dealers need to adapt to new car-buying behaviour and digital signage warrants more attention today than ever before, as we emerge from the downturn in the global economy.

Declining advertising and marketing budgets over the past few years have meant that digital signage hasn’t always been a priority.


Only those who have managed their costs effectively have given this emerging media the exposure it deserves.

Gone are the days of one-dimensional posters, leaflets or brochures.

Digital signage allows you to have the flexibility to show off your offers, not just the manufacturers. Content can also be relevant to different areas of your premises, whether it is the finance or service areas or the showroom.

Changes can be made remotely to all signage in one go while maintaining companywide branding. It is a tool that allows you to not only merge your own web content but deliver your own advertisements, video and commercials to your loyal customer base.

With manufacturers such as Toyota, Jaguar and BMW already using it, dealers are falling behind the curve once again in using technology to target those customers in the showroom waiting around for sales staff or their car to be serviced.

You can even bring life to these signs by integrating them into stands next to cars, perhaps advertising a test drive of that car and showcasing reviews and finance options.

They can also be used to display promotions through your showroom window to target those who may be browsing on your forecourt during times you are closed.

This tool demands minimum resources while providing maximum versatility. It eliminates the cost of printing and distributing static adverts.

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According to Nielsen’s study, more than 75 per cent of car buyers agree that digital signage is an easy way to promote and sell products and more than 65 per cent agree it would influence their decision to buy advertised products in the future.

Dealers need to recognise this medium which drives not only incremental revenues and profits but enhances the dealership experience.

It is a fantastic promotional tool for new products and services and if dealers aren’t integrating this into their showrooms they are missing out on a marketing tool that’s effective for both their bottom line and their customers.

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