SCRAP: Makers back us

Time 6:56 am, March 25, 2009

renaultfordCAR manufacturer top brass from Ford and Renault have backed our Scrap Scheme Now campaign.

Speaking exclusively to Car Dealer Magazine, Ford of Britain managing director Nigel Sharp told us he believed such a scheme is just what the industry needs.

‘Ford supports a UK scrappage incentive scheme,’ he told us. ‘Like those successfully introduced on the continent, such a scheme would provide cash incentives to scrap older cars for new cars with lower emissions. 

‘New car sales have been boosted, helping to retain employment and to provide tax revenue to governments, which helps to balance the incentive payments.

‘Even if approved by BERR, the details of any UK scrappage scheme are unlikely to be unveiled before the budget on April 22 and the time required to put the necessary arrangements in place make it difficult to introduce a scheme before Q3 2009.’

French maker Renault has also backed our Scrap Scheme Now campaign.

scrapMarketing director Emmanuel Bouvier said: ‘We welcome the potential for a scrappage scheme. 

‘We currently have 85 cars in our range that comply with the Renault Eco2 signature. These are all built in factories that have achieved the strict ISO14001 standard, produce below 140g/km of emissions, are 95 per cent recyclable at end of life and are built with at least five per cent of the plastics coming from recycled sources. 

‘This strategy, and the potential for removing older, more polluting vehicles from the roads, will be good for customers and the environment.’

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