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Time 8:53 pm, April 22, 2009

scrap-hyundai-tell-us-theyre-inHYUNDAI have confirmed they will be taking up the scrappage scheme announced in the Chancellor’s Budget.

But the manufacturer warned it might mean cutting into dealers’ margins on cars.

‘We will be doing it,’ said a spokesman. ‘But we’re rather disappointed it wasn’t £2,000. This will mean cutting into our margin and the dealers.

‘But it is still good news. Dealers will be selling more cars and that is good for us, them and for aftersales in the future.’

There are concerns that dealers may get bogged down in paperwork though – especially considering they will have to organise scrapping the cars.

However, the spokesman added he still thought it was a good move by the government and was ‘grateful’ for the announcement.

Hyundai has had a fantastic response to a similar scheme that was introduced in Germany. There, the marque became the fastest growing volume brand.

Sales of the i10 leapt up by 662 per cent. The i30 has seen a rise of 354 per cent.

EXCLUSIVE by James Baggott

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