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Time 5:13 am, May 18, 2012

CHEVROLET has launched a new marketing campaign for its Volt that centres on the notion of ‘range anxiety’.

The American brand has made live a new campaign that features a pair of stranded motorists chased by zombies, and who are saved by the brand-new Chevrolet Volt E-REV (extended range electric vehicle).

The short film shows a couple of men escaping from a pack of zombies, using their conventionally-fuelled car to make their escape.

But their efforts are cut short when their car runs out of fuel, leaving them as pray for the zombies.

The pair are saved by a young girl in a Chevrolet Volt who, thanks to the combination of a petrol and electric-powered car, is able successfully complete the pair’s escape.

The humourous film won a competition that looked for a film that explored the notion of ‘range anxiety’. The term, often used to describe the fear of running out of electricity in electric cars, has been artfully flipped to promote the Chevrolet Volt as a solution to not only EVs but also to cars powered on fossil fuels.

The Volt, voted European Car of the Year 2012, is the first of its kind on the UK market as it combines the flexibility of a small petrol engine, and the green credentials of an electric motor.

Under the bonnet lies a 85bhp 1.4-litre petrol engine mated to a 140bhp electric drive unit – and the car can travel up to 50 miles on full-electric power before the petrol engine kicks in eradicating range anxiety. Total range is more than 300 miles, while the Volt’s top speed is 99mph.

Customers can choose just one model, price at £29,995.

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