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Streamlining efficiency and security in the automotive industry

Sponsored: With security being so important for car dealerships, Keytracker explains how its innovative and efficient systems can deliver peace of mind while saving time and money


Time 8:19 am, June 27, 2023

Keytracker offers an innovative approach to key management, replacing the outdated and error-prone manual systems that have long plagued the automotive industry.

Keytracker simplifies the process of tracking and organising keys, ensuring that vehicles are easily accessible and ready for use when needed.

Gone are the days of wasting valuable time searching for misplaced keys or dealing with the frustrations of disorganisation.

Keytracker’s mechanical peg-in, peg-out board can be stored in its police-approved secure cabinets to offer efficient security and organisation for the customers.

The system allows authorised personnel to identify vehicles quickly and easily, eliminating time spent searching for the right key while helping reduce customer wait times.

In tandem with this, Keytracker’s magnetic block systems is a simple key storage and vehicle identification solution, ideally suited to vehicle repair outlets, quickly identifying the vehicle in a crowded yard or storage area.

For further efficiency and security, Keytracker’s electronic systems use the latest software and state-of-the-art hardware so that customers can identify the present and past of vehicles and users.

The software sends automatic alerts and reports to improve management, ensure smooth operation and increase profitability.

In addition, Keytracker’s key control software partnered with the mechanical system enables real-time monitoring of key movements, quickly identifying any inconsistencies or discrepancies.

Moreover, automated notifications and alerts ensure that staff members are promptly informed about the status of keys, eliminating unnecessary delays and enhancing overall productivity.

Security will always be a paramount concern for any business, especially considering the rising instances of vehicle theft and unauthorised access.

Keytracker addresses these concerns head-on by providing robust security measures that significantly minimise the risk of theft or misuse through each system.

By integrating these cutting-edge security features, Keytracker delivers peace of mind to automotive businesses and their customers.

Furthermore, Keytracker’s comprehensive audit trails and reporting capabilities enable meticulous tracking of key usage.

This feature is a deterrent to potential misconduct, as employees know that their actions can be easily traced.

Consequently, the systems instil a culture of accountability and responsibility among staff members, reinforcing a secure and professional work environment.

In addition to improving efficiency and security, Keytracker offers tangible cost savings for automotive businesses.

By reducing the time spent on key management tasks, companies can allocate their resources more effectively, increasing productivity and profitability.

The system’s ability to prevent theft and unauthorised use helps avoid costly insurance claims and vehicle replacements, resulting in substantial long-term savings.

As technology continues to shape the automotive landscape, Keytracker stands at the forefront of revolutionising key management practices.

Its comprehensive features and focus on efficiency and security make it an indispensable tool for automotive businesses seeking to thrive in an increasingly competitive market.

Embracing Keytracker is a commitment to providing all customers with a seamless, secure and superior experience.


‘The best thing about the Keytracker system is the safety feature and it’s synced to Tesla’s ERP system, which has made our day-to-day operations easier.

‘With more than 40 staff using the system each day, we have saved approximately 10-15 minutes a day.

‘I would recommend the same system for other departments within the automotive industry and not only in the workshop/service sector.’ – Tesla

‘In comparison to our previous system, this one is more organised and systematic.

‘It’s easier to take accountability for keys, we can prevent theft and the numbering system is convenient.

‘It’s worth trying and implementing into the business.’ – The Car Co

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