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Test quickly, sell quickly: Enhancing used car remarketing with EV battery diagnostics

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Time 9:19 am, June 3, 2024

Despite the growing popularity of electric vehicles, there remains a considerable degree of scepticism among consumers about purchasing used EVs.

When it comes to buying a used electric vehicle (EV) or plug-in hybrid, consumers face significant challenges that are less usual with internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

One of the primary hurdles is the high depreciation rate of EVs compared with their ICE counterparts.

According to a study by the Deutsche Automobil Treuhand (DAT), potential buyers of used EVs demand certification of the vehicle’s condition to make informed decisions.

The DAT study revealed that only half of the consumers open to the idea of owning an EV would consider buying a used one.

The primary factor influencing the value and desirability of a used EV is the condition of its traction battery.

Unsurprisingly, more than 70% of potential used EV buyers stated that a battery certificate is crucial for their purchase decision.

This finding aligns with our experience, which indicates that mileage alone provides limited insight into the battery’s health.

Similarly, the British Green Finance Institute advocates for the introduction of battery certificates as the foremost measure to enhance consumer confidence in used EVs.

The condition of the battery is pivotal in determining the lasting value of electric vehicles.

Dr Marcus Berger, CEO of Aviloo, said: ‘While a three-year-old combustion engine vehicle typically retains about 70% of its original value with an average annual mileage of 15 to 20,000 kilometres, electric vehicles retain only around 60%.

‘This difference of 10 percentage points is substantial.

‘For instance, an ID.4, which costs approximately €50,000 (circa £42,620) new, loses an additional €5,000 (£4,262) in value compared with an equivalently priced and aged ICE vehicle.’

To address this issue, Aviloo offers an optimal solution: the Flash Test – the fastest comprehensive test on the market!

The Aviloo Flash Test is designed for professional users to assess the functionality of traction batteries quickly and comprehensively in electric vehicles.

– Fast: The Aviloo Flash Test is completed in just three minutes, allowing for efficient testing of many vehicles

– No ride required: This test offers a thorough analysis of the traction battery’s functionality without needing to move the vehicle

– Independent Aviloo Score: The Aviloo Score, independent of manufacturers, is derived from diverse test data, combining current measurements with historical information. Factors such as total energy consumption, charging cycles and driving patterns are analysed using advanced big data applications, resulting in an Aviloo Score. A higher score indicates a better battery condition, while the Flash Test also identifies substantial risks, providing a ‘Red Flag’ report with specific fault indications

Dr Marcus Berger

Aviloo CEO Dr Marcus Berger explains how his company can help used EV dealers increase sales revenue

Flash Test Report Preview

A unique feature tailored for business clients, the Flash Test Report Preview facilitates VIN-based, fully automated integration of battery certificates into online platforms.

This feature is optimised for a seamless display as an additional image in online advertisements, offering several benefits:

– Comprehensive information presented briefly

– Acceleration of the sales process

– Increase in sales revenue

– Positioning as an expert in electric vehicles

By leveraging the Aviloo Flash Test, businesses can ensure swift and accurate assessments of traction batteries, enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

About Aviloo GmbH

Aviloo GmbH is the global market leader in battery diagnostics for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

As an Austrian company with a global reach, Aviloo is renowned for its independent and reliable technology.

The battery tests are user-friendly and tailored to the needs of each user. The Premium Test, the most accurate and comprehensive test, is Tüv-certified, while the Flash Test, the fastest comprehensive test on the market, is Cara-approved.

Aviloo collaborates with well-known partners such as Tüv Süd, Arval, Adac, GTÜ, Axa Versicherung, Hyundai Motor Deutschland, Maverick, Viking, Norsk Elbilforeningen, Diagno, au2part, Applus, VAA, ÖAMTC, Arbö, Vav, Elgersma, and many others.

Contact: [email protected]

More details: Aviloo B2B web shop

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