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The future of websites is intelligence, says Bluesky Interactive

Time 12:44 pm, October 1, 2020

Bluesky Interactive has been at the forefront of creating bespoke websites for car dealers for nearly 20 years, and its keenness to constantly innovate saw it rise to the occasion when the Covid-19 pandemic struck.

Dealer websites were suddenly pushed into an accelerated development curve and a fire was well and truly lit under e-commerce, putting an overdue emphasis on the importance of a website as the dealer’s digital forecourt.

To help dealers meet the extraordinary challenges of these unprecedented times, Bluesky Interactive launched its AutoTransact e-commerce platform, as well as other needs-focused developments that demonstrated agility in the marketplace.

One such example is the agile release of an appointment booking form to allow customers to choose between non-physical appointments and generate the right kind of leads for dealers.

Bluesky Interactive firmly believes that the future of dealer websites focuses around their ability to adapt and evolve as consumer needs change. This comes in a number of shapes and sizes:

• Website personalisation – The stats show that personalising websites to be dealer-specific can generate hundreds of extra leads (see the case study below).

Bluesky’s AutoEdge website personalisation facility intelligently tracks user activity and segments their behaviours, allowing you to target them with adaptive, personalised content.

This is more relevant and more personal – which leads to significantly higher levels of leads.

• Data insight and analysis – Bluesky builds solutions data-first now, because it knows how much data is available and the type of insights and improvements that it can bring to the dealer’s bottom line.

Whether it’s surfacing data into Microsoft’s Power BI or something more custom, data matters.

• APIs and integrations – Bluesky Interactive has always been one of the most co-operative and flexible providers on the market and nowhere is that more apparent than with its willingness to work with multiple third parties.

This allows dealers to select suppliers that work with their business rather than ones mandated by a restrictive website supplier.

Its focus is on creating and opening access to internal APIs, as well as working to integrate them into a range of third-party products. This offers the greatest depth of function and intelligence.

To support all of this activity, Bluesky has been actively increasing its specialised in-house development team, which has more than doubled in size in the past year.

This allows them to be agile and adaptive, as well as letting them take the initiative with creative solutions.

Drive Vauxhall is just one of the many dealerships that Bluesky Interactive has helped enormously.

Tony Hilton, head of operations at Bluesky Interactive, said: ‘It’s great to be working with forward-thinking dealers like Drive Vauxhall. Drive have once again put their customer first and it’s paying off for them.’

AutoEdge case study – Drive Vauxhall
The nationwide dealership chain Drive Vauxhall approached Bluesky Interactive last year as it was targeting a 10 per cent-plus conversion rate.

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Working closely with Drive Vauxhall and using AutoEdge to personalise its website, increase its relevance and improve the user experience, Bluesky Interactive helped it achieve a 16 per cent conversion rate in both the new and used car segments and a whopping 45 per cent conversion rate in aftersales.

What’s more, Drive Vauxhall also enjoyed 110 per cent more new car search traffic and 125 per cent more traffic to used cars, as well as a staggering 600 per cent more clicks and engagement for aftersales.

You can’t argue with figures as impressive as those, so to find out more about how Bluesky Interactive can help you sell cars, go to or or phone 01926 651000.

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