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Time 9:58 am, October 21, 2019

In this sponsored Car Dealer Clinic column, Warranty Administration Services Ltd explains how its Crystal Clear Warranty can really benefit your dealership

USED car warranties come in all shapes and sizes, so it is critical you know how much time and money your warranty is costing you.

 Financial cost vs return: Knowing exactly how much you spend compared with how much you claim back is a critical exercise you should do routinely. If you discover that you are claiming less than your outgoing premiums, then you should renegotiate tariffs with your supplier. After all, those unclaimed premiums are profiting their bottom line – not yours!

 Time cost vs return: Calculate how much time you waste getting claims authorised and consider if it’s worth the premiums you pay – from registering claims, waiting for decisions, managing your customer and submitting photo-evidence to waiting while engineers audit your repairs. Unfortunately for dealers using traditional warranties, this time-consuming ordeal is part of the process, but at least knowing how much time you waste strengthens your hand when it comes to renegotiating premiums.

 Done negotiating. Time to change? Switch to Crystal Clear Warranty. With no vested interest, our self-funded warranty is based on trust and impartiality and can easily replace your traditional warranty.

Claims decisions are agreed within seconds, freeing up your precious time, and you also enjoy a 100 per cent profit return on all your expired warranty funding.

Find out more at or call 01522 515600.

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