Used car prices are unlikely to drop for some time yetUsed car prices are unlikely to drop for some time yet


Used car sellers find job interviews and exams less stressful than selling their vehicle

  • Research finds selling a used car is a stressful experience for most people
  • Paying taxes, job interviews and exams are less stressful
  • Used car dealer asked about selling their used car and what they used the money for

Time 6:47 am, August 31, 2023

Organising a family holiday, paying taxes and going for a job interview are all less stressful than selling a used car.

A survey of 2,000 used car owners found many rate a large variety of notoriously stressful activities as easier to deal with than a car sale.

Respondents said moving house, taking an exam, planning a wedding and doing a tax return were all preferable to deal with than selling a used car.

Overall, 51 per cent of respondents said they found selling their car ‘tough’, and 18 per cent said they thought it was ‘stressful’. 

The research was carried out by online used car dealer Cazoo and published on its website. The firm has faced a turbulent 12 months, closing handover centres, preparation sites and cutting hundreds of jobs.

The survey also delved into what used car sellers did with the cash they made from selling their cars.

Some 63 per cent unsurprisingly bought another vehicle, but 20 per cent banked the cash for savings, 11 per cent splashed out on a holiday and some seven per cent admitted to ‘frittering it away’.

The used car dealer also found owners are now more likely to keep their car for longer because of cost of living concerns and high used car prices.

The car dealer said: ‘The survey revealed a big shift in people’s car buying and selling habits. 

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‘Half of those asked said they would possibly keep their current car for longer than they would have a few years ago, while 30 per cent said they definitely would.’

More than a third (38%) of those surveyed also said getting a new car was ‘probably’ more exciting than a birthday or Christmas. 

Interestingly, Cazoo’s own research says the majority (49%) of respondents would take their car to a dealer to have it valued. Cazoo only operates online.

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