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VIDEO: Making of Project Stealth

Time 11 years ago

dsc_0641THIS week the Car Dealer team has been to Monaco and back in a £250 banger – and we made a Making Of video!

You may have read about our plan to turn our car – kindly supplied by – into an SR71 Blackbird, but we thought it would be a good idea to show you how we did it.

Project Stealth involved a drive to Edinburgh and back to have the car wrapped matt black by, then a drive south to London for the windows to be tinted by Pentagon London.

Then the Car Dealer team set to work adding Halfords goodies – including some neon lights and spray painting the wheels – before we set off on our trip to Monaco and back.

The auction of our cars in aid of BEN takes places on Monday so stay tuned to find out how much money Bangers4BEN 3 raises for the charity.

Here’s how we produced the car with a little help from our friends… hope you enjoy it!


More on Bangers4BEN 3 can be found here

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