What can dealers do in the snow?

Time 11 years ago

snow1WITH snow across much of the UK, we’ve taken a look at what dealers can do to keep business moving.

When much of the country is struggling to get to work and instead staying at home, you’d have thought this would mean bad times for car dealers.

But in fact it’s not always a disaster for businesses. Those dealers that have invested heavily in their websites could actually BENEFIT from the snow.


For exactly the same reason as birth rates shot up this year because of the icy weather back in January, so too does online activity – people are stuck at home with little else to do!

Many turn to the internet to research their next car purchase, even chat to dealers using live chat from the comfort of their own homes.

Online shopping saw a huge surge when the temperatures plummet and the snow begins to fall so by ensuring you’ve got access to your digital showrooms you can still do business.

Here are some other ideas of what to do in the big chill:

Improve your website – if you haven’t got access to your website from home, or the ability to chat to customers via online chat, maybe now is the time to investigate it?

Servicing – come up with a winter servicing offer that will help protect customers cars from breakdowns when the mercury falls.

Breakdown – have you negotiated a referral rate with a breakdown company. Winter sees breakdowns rise dramatically and customers are more receptive to shelling out on cover. You can add a revenue stream by selling these.

Warranties – if you do manage to sell a car, upselling a warranty package to a customer is easier when they know their car is at risk of suffering faults because of the weather.

Put your feet up and relax for two minutes – or maybe 7.13 minutes – and enjoy Top Gear’s snowy challenge:

Back in the real world you could also try:

Bodyshop – the chances of drivers having a prang increases dramatically when the roads get icy. Ensure you bodyshop at least has the staff manning the phones for when the inevitable calls come in.

snow2Winter tyres – it might be worth considering selling winter tyres. Publicity for this rubber has increased this year as we’ve suffered more wintry weather and the benefits they offer over standard boots are remarkable. Why not hire out wheels with winter rubber fitted and store the customers’ summer wheels for a set fee? Not only can you charge for the service but you can upsell a winter service check for their car.

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Christmas shopping – if all else fails, go and buy the other half something nice and put your feet up. 2010 has been a tough year and you deserve a break!

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