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Car Dealer Club: What’s up? Doc

Time 3:59 am, June 10, 2011

business-doctor-1Car Dealer Club has secured another great service for dealers – a free Business Doctor to help you make more money

Car Dealer Club is a unique offering for motor traders of all sizes to gain access to a host of brilliant services.

As regular readers will know, we recently signed up expert lawyer Lucy Bonham Carter to provide all club members with free legal advice as part of their £34.99 annual subscription to Car Dealer Magazine.

Now, this month, we can announce another top signing – WinWin World’s Mat Hutchin as a business doctor. Hutchin and his team of experts are offering free, no-obligation advice for dealers that want to know where they can eek out an extra slice of profit from their deals.

Don’t worry, it’s not a sales push – Hutchin will simply sit down with you and your team and cast a fresh pair of eyes over your business. He has more tried and tested methods of making extra money out of deals than anyone else and will share his exclusive hints and tips with you. You’ll be surprised what you can learn. Here, he explains why he wanted to help out Car Dealer Club members.

Club members are naturally pretty business savvy, why would they need your help?

WinWin World accepts that Car Dealer Club members are astute business people but we take a different approach as to why retailers should work with us. Formula 1 race drivers use professional coaches and telemetry to transform them from being just drivers into champions. We know Car Dealer readers can run a dealership but what WinWin World can do is turn them from good into great retailers.

How can you help club members?

WinWin World is happy to work in any department within a member’s business to remove inefficiencies and make business improvements. It’s by doing this that you can make a real difference to your bottom line. We have four main objectives and these are: Help you sell more cars; help you increase the profitability on each unit; help you increase customer retention and help you retain more spend through the customer’s lifecycle.

Are there any catches or is it really completely free?

Our consultation for Car Dealer Club members and advice is free and will result in a free diagnostic telemetry report of how the member’s business is performing. We will also show members where they could take their business performance and profits if they shifted up into top gear.

Top gear?

Yes, our advice isn’t a sales pitch, but we will explain how our software solutions are proven to help improve dealers’ bottom lines. We have four different modules that link together to produce one unique solution. The difference in working with WinWin World is that we can either enhance your current systems, integrate with them to provide a holistic solution or upgrade them. Our four modules are focused around lead management, for club offer and sales optimisation, finance management and customer lifecycle management. We like to work consultatively with our customers.


Is it just advice you offer or will you work with the Car Dealer Club member?

We can diagnose what is required in a detailed report, but we can also assist the retailer in improving performance. We have a toolbox of services and processes that can be implemented by our team of business consultants following the initial diagnostic report. We’ve got a 50-strong list of ways to improve a motor retailer’s performance – the diagnostic report simply tells us where we need to begin! And the best bit? If a dealer wants to engage our services they would simply pay us from the incremental profits they make.

This advice is free, so can members expect the same level of service you would normally provide?

Of course! We only offer one standard of service – and that’s first class. That is our commitment to Car Dealer Club members – they can expect that same level of first class service.


‘Our consultation for club members and advice is free and will result in a free diagnostic telemetry report on their business’

What is your background in the motor industry?

Company chairman Michael Jackson made his name worldwide as chairman of leading consultancy firm Jackson Consultancy where the paper-based diary system GoodManners was born. Before Goodmanners, structured sales process control was almost unheard of in the motor industry. Goodmanners was later developed into e-Goodmanners.

WinWin World is made up of a highly professional and experienced team. Nigel Pates, technical mentor, masterminded the software; customer services director Mark Taylor-Jones has a background in software design before establishing WinWin World; while I was intrinsically involved with the launch of e-GoodManners to several motor manufacturer networks.

What prompted you to get involved with Car Dealer Club?

As usual, I opened my copy of Car Dealer as soon as it came through the post and saw the offer of free legal advice and thought that added great value to the club. I then picked up one of James Baggott’s tweets and saw that the service had helped a member to win a court case. We came up with the idea of wanting to help Car Dealer Club members and it snowballed from there. We can’t wait to get our first patient!

To take advantage of the Business Doctor’s services, you simply need to join Car Dealer Club.

Membership costs £34.99 per year and includes a subscription to Car Dealer, free legal advice worth £199 per year as well as access to exclusive services and discounts.

Sign up to the club here

Members receive a welcome pack with full details of how to take advantage of all the offers, including the new Business Doctor service, within a week of signing up.

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