£88k golden Aston

teaser_suttonIF you were going to spend £88,000 on an Aston Martin, you’d expect to be able to drive it, right?

Not if you snap up this limited edition DB5… Swiss artist Dante has used the classic model as the basis for a limited run of just 10 1:4 scale sculptures.

The sculptures are finished in gold, and come on a polished, piano black plinth, complete with their own lighting system.

It’s worth remembering though, for that sort of money, you can get a decent one-year-old DB9. 

Luxury car dealer Clive Sutton has added the sculpture series to his impressive portfolio. He said: ‘Having met the artist and seen the quality of his work, there is no doubt that this a unique opportunity to invest in automotive art of the highest standard.

‘The addition of the Aston Martin DB5 sculpture, with its distinct British heritage and links to James Bond only adds to my belief that these bespoke works of art will add value to any collection.’

The artist is set to exhibit the sculptures at the Top Marques show in Monaco this month. 


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