08.05.08: Thanks for the support!

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Issue three and the momentum for Car Dealer is building. We knew it wouldn’t be easy launching an all-new magazine for the motor trade – especially when faced with taking on the might of the established trade press – but support is swelling.


When we decided to launch the magazine we were sure the idea of a business title for the trade that covered the industry in an easy-to-read format was going to be popular, but we were never sure quite how popular.


Now, with issue three being printed as I type, I’ve had time to reflect on a hectic three months. I’ve been shocked at just how many dealers have confirmed their subscriptions on this website. I know you guys are really busy and that taking the time to confirm a magazine subscription isn’t high on your must-do agenda, which is why we appreciate the fact so many of you have done it.


As the issues have passed, producing the magazine is starting to get a little easier too. We’ve got the look and feel right now I think, which means laying out the pages becomes easier, and we’ve been literally flooded with news stories.


Add to this a potent collection of supercar road tests, some superb columns from our industry partners and some features that really give dealers the opportunity to make more money and I think – and I would say this – that we’re producing an enjoyable, readable product.


I hope you agree – and if you don’t please let me know. As we’re a small publishing company that is producing a magazine because we enjoy it, not because we’re a multi-national company chasing profits, we want to make sure it’s right for you. So if you’re annoyed about anything we do or want to see more of something we’ve already done, please don’t hesitate to get in touch using the details on the Contact Us page (see link at the top right of this page).


Next month, we’re launching an all-new recruitment section in the magazine which will be backed up by an informative feature that’ll show you how to attract top staff to your dealership as well as hints and tips about getting your next job in the motor trade. If you’ve got any good ideas that you think will help it’d be great to hear from you.


Oh, and you should get issue three of Car Dealer next Wednesday (May 14) – hope you enjoy it…


Happy selling,



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Car Dealer has been covering the motor trade since 2008 as both a print and digital publication. In 2020 the title went fully digital and now provides daily motoring updates on this website for the car industry. A digital magazine is published once a month.

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