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Cartotrade: A simple approach that works so well

Time 1:50 pm, November 28, 2019

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DESPITE an ever-changing market, there are still some core basics that apply in the motor industry, one of them being that dealers will always need to buy and sell quality trade stock.

In addition, dealers want to be sure they’re dealing with other professional dealers who know what they’re talking about and are good for their word.

Cartotrade has built its success on letting only quality professional motor traders onto their platform, vetting each and every one and turning many away at the point of application.

Laura Cannon

Talking about this vetting process, co-founder Laura Cannon said: ‘We would be nothing without the high quality of our existing members and we will continue to vet any new members in the same way to maintain and protect the integrity of our service.

‘There are not many businesses that would turn away potential prospects at the door when they’re willing to pay, but if they are not quite right for us we do – we believe it is one of the reasons we’re still here and continue to 
grow so strongly.’

There are some aspects of the industry that Cartotrade recognise do need to change in these times, one of these being the supply lines of stock. Case in point, a couple of Cartotrade members are using the platform to successfully broker deals sourced directly from the general public.

This is something that would never have been seen historically on such a platform but is largely acceptable now when so many other traditional routes have severely dried up.

Kevin Watson

Kevin Watson, fellow co-founder, said of the change: ‘The entry of the likes of WBAC onto the scene has amplified the shortage of quality dealer part-exchange vehicles that traditionally fed the used car market.

‘Now many of what would have been dealer px cars end up being privately sourced and sent directly to auction where dealers can expect to pay a hefty buyer’s fee on top of already eye-watering prices.

‘We’re trying to alleviate some of that cost for dealers by having some of the more professional privately sourced vehicles directly available on our platform.’

Other sources of stock are always being explored to further benefit the Cartotrade offering for its valued members.

Cartotrade is independently owned and non-corporate so can be quick to adapt and make changes where necessary, many of the changes coming about as a direct result of dealer feedback.

Watson continued: ‘We don’t force anything onto our dealers. There’s always a choice with anything we introduce and we would never use any new feature as an excuse to charge more – a dealer’s monthly subscription fee is guaranteed for the life of their membership!’

It’s a simple approach, but one that’s seemingly working for Cartotrade and their many members.

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