23.02.09: Live from the Cayenne diesel launch

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How sexy is this white Cayman S?

I’ve made it to the Porsche launch being held at the stunning Cliveden House – not far north of Slough. 

Don’t let that put you off. It’s the most amazing hotel I’ve ever seen. My room – or suite as I think they call it – is absolutely huge.

It used to be the snooker room for the owners of this country pile, for how many tables I’m unsure. By my reckoning you could get four in here quite comfortably.

I didn’t make the best impression pulling up though – I came in one of the Bangers4BEN cars… the £100 Volvo. How embarassing pulling up and having it valet-parked. I asked him to hide it around the back. He did.

So to the cars. I’m here to sample the new Cayenne diesel and the recently revamped Cayman and S. They look stunning all spread out around the house’s courtyard. 

First impressions? Well I haven’t driven one yet, but have heard the new diesel running. And it’s actually quiet. Ok, so you can tell it’s a diesel but it seems rather refined.1ngv2-68eee48f1ec653eb0902b61bb79642f349a2e419

The last big off-roader I drove with a derv-drinking unit under the bonnet was the TDV8 Range Rover which was incredible.

Not sure how the Porsche unit will compare – but I’ll let you know tomorrow. We’re off to Silverstone to try the cars on the track and off -road – I’m sure you can guess which way round.

It was dusk when I arrived so the pictures I took were a bit dark so I’ll post loads more tomorrow.

In the meantime enjoy these two that I posted on my Twitter feed.

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